Pet New Year’s Resolutions

December 20, 2019

Pet New Year

8 Inspiring Pet New Year’s Resolutions to Be the Best Pet Parent

Setting New Year’s resolutions? This is an opportunity to consider your pet’s health and wellness, too, and work on being the best pet parent around! Our pets aren’t able to make resolutions on their own, so it’s up to us to set some for them. Here are 8 inspiring pet New Year’s resolution ideas that will help promote a happier, healthier year for your furry companion.

Play More, Stress Less

Besides being fun, playing has a vital role in our pet’s development. Playing with your pet helps them learn what’s right and wrong for their humans. A pet learns what you want a promotes confidence. Self-assured pets tend to handle stress and meeting new people.

Keep Up With The Wellness Appointments

We know that vet visits aren’t the most enjoyable things to do… But, our pet is family. Just like us, pets need routine check-ups too. Many pet owners tend to skip routine care because our pets aren’t able to share when something isn’t right. That’s why we should always keep up with it, you never know…

Regular appointments are so important for ensuring that your pet enjoys many happy and healthy years. So consider adding more wellness appointments to your New Year’s resolution list.

Balance Your Mood (Energy)

Sure our pets don’t always understand us, but they’re able to pick up on our energies. We see how sensitive animals are to our emotional state…

Have you ever noticed when you’re down, your furry friend climbs into your lap to comfort you?Or when you’re full of positive energy, your pet usually is too?

If you’re continuously agitated or angry when you come home, this could negatively affect your pet’s emotional state. Maybe a good New Year’s resolution idea this year is to learn how to have balanced energy before coming home to see your furry family.

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Create An Emergency Pet Plan

Hopefully, the year ahead is calm and peaceful. But emergencies happen, and it’s vital to have a plan in place in case of a medical emergency.

Protecting your pet and yourself is a responsible decision as a pet parent. Something like insuring your pet is a great way to cover yourself from an unexpected accident.

Groom Your Pet

Believe it or not, like playtime, grooming is something that most pets look forward to. This is a time when we are the most intimate and close to our pets… it’s true bonding time, that could strengthen your relationship. Grooming your pet is also a great way to really tell if something is off about your furry friend. Add DIY grooming this year to your New Year’s resolutions. Your pet will thank you!

A Nutritional & Well-Balanced Diet

Like us, our pets are energetic and well-rounded when they’re eating better. Good food is the cornerstone of excellent health, and a healthy pet is a happy pet.

Extra Walks

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get into shape this year, add more walks with your furry friend to your exercise routine. You’ll never look at a walk with your pet the same way again!

Pet New Year’s Resolutions For The Win: More Belly Rubs For a

Lastly, our pets love us unconditionally so in return, how about giving your pet their favorite belly rubs more often… they deserve it.

Happy New Year to you and your pet, from the Spot Family!

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