What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance covers your dog or cat in case of unexpected injuries or illness.

  • It follows the reimbursement model, repaying you for veterinary services.
  • Like other kinds of insurance, you have a choice of deductible, annual limit, and premium.
  • With Spot you can customize your coverage to best suit the needs of you and your pet.

How Does it Work?

In the event of your pet’s injury or illness, you choose the care for your pet.

  • With Spot, take your pet to any licensed vet, emergency clinic or specialist in the United States.
  • You then submit the paid veterinary bills through Spot’s website.
  • Spot then reimburses you for covered expenses based on your rate of coverage.

Why Do I Need Pet Insurance?

It’s a financial safety net in case of accidents, injuries, illnesses,  and chronic conditions.

  • As a pet parent, you know how expensive vet visits can be.
  • Pet insurance reimburses you between 70% - 90% of those eligible vet bills.
  • Spot has plan options that offer thousands in coverage for less than a cup of coffee per day.*
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