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  • Quick and easy turnaround – Can be setup in 48 hours
  • Available for employee groups of all sizes
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Special Offer for up to 20% in Savings!

  • 10% Employee discount*
  • Additional 10% multi-pet discount on all added pets

* Employee discount may vary and is not available in all states

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Unleash Employee Rewards in 4 Easy Steps

We make it easy to get your company started with pre-loaded and personalized content setup to guide employees through every step. Setup is fast and free!


Step 1

Request an employer group program. This can be setup in 48hrs with a live Spot landing page and unique cobranded link.


Step 2

Spot will provide you with Spot's marketing materials to distribute to your employees, and Spot will even host a live webinar!


Step 3

Employees will access the unique cobranded link and customize a plan specific to their budget and pet’s needs using Spot's website.


Step 4

Your employees can then have help focusing on caring for their pet with less about the cost that comes with it!

Why Offer Spot Pet Insurance Plans

A great way to be a pet-friendly workplace is to offer pet insurance as a voluntary benefit. Spot makes it easy for you as an employer to offer discounted pet insurance employee benefits with perks including:

  • Up to 90% cash back on eligible vet bills for covered conditions
  • Competitive rates from as low as $10/mo for cats and $16/mo for dogs
  • Customizable pet plan options
  • 24/7 Pet telehealth helpline by VetAccess™
  • Plans that can be used for eligible care from any licensed vet in the US or Canada
  • 10% Employee group discount*
  • Plans with coverage options for a wide variety of eligible treatments for accidents and illnesses
  • No breed or upper age restrictions

1 Advertised prices based on a 1 year old small mix (under 24lb) dog in 33407, and 2 year old small mixed cat in 33407 with a $5k annual limit, 90% reimbursement rate, and a $100 annual deductible. Plan rates may vary. Advertised prices are rounded up to the nearest whole USD.


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Employee Benefit FAQs

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is for paw-rents seeking a financial safety net for accidents or illnesses that their pets might experience in the future.

Pet insurance plans provided from Spot have deductibles, reimbursement percentages, annual limits, and premiums.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Once you have your custom pet insurance policy and have paid your premium on a monthly or annual schedule, you carry on as usual!

When you need to visit the vet for a covered condition, you can submit a claim for reimbursement of the eligible expenses.


Your annual deductible amount applies during each policy period. You must satisfy your annual deductible before your reimbursements start. 


You get to select your reimbursement percentage when you enroll in a plan provided by Spot. Once your deductible is met, you will be reimbursed for eligible expenses according to the reimbursement percentage you select.


This is the amount you pay for pet insurance.FETCH A FREE QUOTE to see your premium today.


There is a 14-day waiting period for coverage. The waiting period begins on the first effective date of the applicable coverage. Any condition that occurs during an applicable waiting period is a pre-existing condition and is not eligible for coverage.

There is no waiting period for preventive care coverage if you choose to add it to your plan. Find more information on preventative care coverage here.


Illness, disease, injury, or change to your pet’s health that first occurs or shows symptoms before coverage is effective or during a waiting period. This includes conditions that are related to, secondary, or resultant from a pre-existing condition.  Pet Insurance plans provided by Spot do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Visit our dog insurance and cat insurance pages for more information about plans.

What Do Pet Insurance Plans Provided by Spot Cover?

Spot Pet Insurance offers options for Accident-Only and Accident & Illness pet insurance plans. Spot plans offer an unlimited annual limit option, no per incident caps, and no lifetime caps.

Plans provided by Spot cover the eligible expenses for medically necessary veterinary treatments that are prescribed to treat your pet’s covered conditions.

You may use any licensed veterinarian in the US.

For a full list of terms and conditions, click here to view a sample policy.

Can I Sign My Pet Up Anytime?

There’s no Open Enrollment period, you can buy and drop pet insurance at any time.  Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old in order to enroll in a pet insurance plan from Spot.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Spaying

Base level plans provided by Spot do not cover spaying.  

Spot’s Platinum Preventive Care plan option reimburses up to $150 on spaying/neutering with no deductible. The Platinum Preventive Care plan is available as an add-on to your base level plan for $24.95/month and provides a total annual benefit of $450 in routine care allowance.

See the breakdown of what Spot’s Preventive Care plan options cover: