American Foxhound

American Foxhound


The taller cousins of the English Foxhounds, American Foxhounds, as the name suggests, are a fox hunting breed. They are usually known for their sweet demeanor, obedience and excellent work ethic.

Lifetime Care

Breed Profile


21 – 25



55 – 70


Life Span

10 – 12




Thrombocytopathy or Platelet Disease

of dogs

What is it?:

It refers to platelet disfunction where they fail to bind together and hence causing spontaneous or excessive bleeding from the mouth, nose, ears or anus. It can either be hereditary or can be caused due to side effects of some drugs like pain-killers, anti -inflammatory drugs, etc.

Clinical signs

  • Spontaneous bleeding

  • Nosebleeds

  • Redness in the ear flaps caused to due blood build up

  • Excessive bleeding during injuries or surgeries

  • Blood in the stool

  • Weight loss


Surgery may be included

Average vet bill for Thrombocytopathy or Platelet Disease


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*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.


Hip Dysplasia

of dogs

What is it?:

This genetic health issue is the one where the hip joint loosens up which causes dysfunction and pain. Over time, this may result into arthritis, muscle atrophy and limitations in mobility

Clinical signs

  • Staying in bed instead of going out

  • Decreased range of motion

  • Difficulty or reluctance in climbing stairs, rising up, jumping or running

  • Loss of muscle mass in the thighs

  • Noticeable enlargement of the shoulder muscles as they compensate for the hind end

  • Flinches when the lower back muscles are touched


Treatment may include surgery and chiropractic therapy.

Average vet bill for Hip Dysplasia


Reimbursement Rate

Amount a Spot accident & illness plan would cover*


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*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.


Sweet and polite

Despite their hunting background, the American Foxhounds are a very docile and of a polite temperament


An ideal play buddy for your children and yourself, an American Foxhound is always up for a game of fetch and long walks


Although not always, but these dogs can be stubborn at times given their independent nature which can make training them a test for patience

Lifetime Care


These hunters have a hard and close overcoat of medium length hair which does have a tendency to shed


You can find an American Foxhound in tri color shades, most notably in black-white and tan or white-black and tan




Due to their tendency to shed hair, a twice a week brushing with a bristle brush should be good. Apart from that, as with other dogs, their ears, nails and teeth should be cleaned regularly


Mostly easy-going and amiable, these foxhounds are easy to train. They just can be a little stubborn at times, but a positive reinforcement training should help

Learn more about the cost of caring for an American Foxhound.

Originally, these American Foxhounds were created not to hunt but to chase the foxes. They were later bred into different variations for better speed and stamina, especially for the red foxes. Hunting is not the only thing they are good at though. They are the musical ‘Tansens’ of the dog world. They have bell-like voices and their baying can be heard for miles.

American Foxhound Dog: Introduction to the Breed

Thinking of adding a member to your family in the form of a dog? It becomes very necessary as a pet parent to first research about the pet thoroughly before adopting as every dog has its own characteristics, needs and costs. Here are a few things you need to know about the American Foxhound breed.

Carin Terrier Dogs are generally:

  • Docile and sweet

  • Gentle and easy-going

  • Energetic

  • Independent

  • Excellent smellers

Cairns are best suited for –

  • Experienced dog owners

  • Active pet parents who like to spend a lot of time with their pet

  • Owners who can spend time training and playing with their dog

  • A firm and a patient parent family

  • Families with kids

Health Risks for an American Foxhound Puppy

Apart from the above mentioned common health problems, the American Foxhounds are also prone to some other health related issues which can give the owner a hard time to their time, head and even wallet.

Ear Infections – Usually any breed with long ears are prone to ear infections and which is why so is the American Foxhound. Now there are 3 types of ear infections that can occur –

  • Otitis Externia – Inflammation of the cells on the ear’s outside area

  • Otitis Media – Inflammation on the middle part

  • Otitis Internia – Inflammation on the inner part of the canal

The most common symptoms for the same are –

  • Constant ear scratching

  • Dark ear discharge

  • Bad odor from the ears

  • Frequent head shaking

  • Swollen or red ears

Dental Diseases – Some chronic dental diseases can be developed in the American Foxhound Puppies. They start with the teeth and then grow up to the gums and roots of the teeth. Adequate care is required here or else there is a risk for your dog to loose its teeth.

Things to watch-out before deciding to own an American Foxhound

These foxhounds are in general very much family friendly and are good even around other pets. However, there are some of its characteristics which you might want to consider before deciding to own one.

  • They can be very stubborn at times which can make training them very difficult

  • Their urge to follow a scent is very powerful and will ignore other risks in that matter. Hence, should always be kept on a leash at unknown places and if off-leash, should be properly supervised.

  • American Foxhounds are very musical. Although this is good news for some people who like to hear them, some of your neighbors might not appreciate it.

  • It is not meant for a city-apartment life. It needs plenty room to roam around and play.

  • It needs regular exercise to stimulate its physical and mental energies


Looking for an energetic, playful, strong and at the same time sweet docile pet? The American Foxhound is perfect for you. Just not very much for first time pet owners, as it needs experience to train and stimulate to avoid it becoming aggressive and destructive. Also, not your usual cuddle buddy but will definitely be very loyal and attached to your family, especially your kids.