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How Much Does a Belgian Malinois Cost in 2023?

May 26, 2023

Belgian Malinois Characteristics

  • Life expectancy: 14 - 16 years.

  • Adult weight: 40 – 80 lbs.

  • Adult height: 22 – 26 in.

  • Origin – Belgium

The Belgian Malinois is a highly versatile dog breed that is known for its intelligence and athleticism. Originally bred in Belgium for herding and guarding purposes, the Belgian Malinois has since gained popularity as a law enforcement and military working dog.

One of the most striking features of the Belgian Malinois is its appearance. With a sleek and muscular build, these dogs are both powerful and graceful. Their short, straight coats may be fawn, mahogany, or black, and they typically have a black mask on their face. They stand at around 22 to 26 inches tall and weigh between 40 and 80 pounds.

In addition to their impressive physical attributes, Belgian Malinois are also known for their trainability and intelligence. These dogs excel in obedience and agility training and are often used in police and military operations due to their keen sense of smell, sharp hearing, and exceptional problem-solving skills.

However, it's important to note that the Belgian Malinois requires a significant amount of exercise and mental stimulation to help them stay healthy and happy. This breed thrives on activity and enjoys running, hiking, and playing with their owners. With proper training and socialization, the Belgian Malinois can make a wonderful companion for active individuals and families.

Overall, the Belgian Malinois is a remarkable breed that excels in a variety of settings. Whether serving in law enforcement or simply enjoying life as a beloved pet, these dogs are sure to impress with their athleticism, intelligence, and loyalty.

What is the price of a Belgian Malinois?

Several factors can affect the cost of a Belgian Malinois puppy. Firstly, lineage can play a significant role in pricing, as dogs with a strong pedigree and championship titles could often command a higher price tag. Age is another factor, with younger puppies typically costing more than older dogs.

Training is also an important consideration, as puppies with basic obedience training and socialization may cost less than those with advanced training for police or military work. Additionally, supply and demand can influence prices, with popular breeds like the Belgian Malinois often commanding higher prices.

The adoption process can also impact the cost, with adoption fees often being more affordable than purchasing a puppy from a breeder or specialized training facility.

Buying: $595 - $2000

When looking to add a Belgian Malinois to your family, you can expect costs to range around $595 - $2000 dollars. The cost may vary according to factors including pedigree, age, gender, coat color, and training. This breed often requires socialization and is commonly used for police or military work. A puppy that has already received training is likely to cost more.

Adoption: $50 - $500

If you are looking to bring Belgian Malinois into your home but want to do so for a more affordable price, adopting is a great option. Take the time to visit your local animal shelter and review their online kennels, they may have the puppy that is the right fit for your home.

Monthly Costs for a Belgian Malinois puppy

Diet: $13 - $26

The Belgian Malinois is known for their high energy levels and requires a well-balanced diet to help maintain their health. Depending on the brand and quality of the food you choose for your puppy, feeding a Belgian Malinois can cost anywhere from $13 to $26 per month, or $155 to $315 annually.

It's important to choose a high-quality dog food that provides the necessary nutrients and vitamins to support your puppy's growth and development. Additionally, keep in mind that treats and supplements can also add to the overall cost of feeding your Belgian Malinois puppy.

Grooming: $270 - $420

Belgian Malinois are known for their thick, double-layered coats that require regular grooming to maintain. On average, professional grooming sessions for a Belgian Malinois can cost about $45 to $70 per session. Depending on how often you choose to take your dog to the groomer, this can add up to an annual cost of about $270 to $420.

Some owners choose to groom their dogs at home, which can save money on grooming expenses in the long run. It's important to regularly brush a Belgian Malinois's coat and bathe them to help prevent matting and to maintain good hygiene.

Medical Costs: $195 - $510

In their first year, it’s recommended that a Belgian Malinois puppy have a minimum of three vet exams which can range in cost around $65 - $170 per visit. These exams allow your veterinarian to evaluate your puppy’s growth and development and check that they are remaining healthy.

Over the course of their lifetime, Belgian Malinois are at risk of developing health conditions. These conditions can include hip dysplasia, cancer, and gastric dilatation and volvulus. The cost of treatment for those conditions could be:

  • Hip Dysplasia - $500 - $13,000

  • Cancer - $500 - $10,000

  • Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus - $1500 - $3000

One-time costs for a Belgian Malinois

Initial Costs: $215 - $855

When preparing to bring home your puppy, the initial cost of supplies can range around $215 - $855. This estimate considers the purchase of food and water bowls, a collar and leash, a bed, crate, and the cost of obtaining training supplies, grooming supplies, and sanitary equipment. These initial costs can change according to the quality of supplies you choose to purchase for your new companion.

Microchipping: $25 - $50

Microchipping is a safe and effective way to help ensure that your dog can be identified if they ever get lost or stolen. On average, the cost to microchip a Belgian Malinois can be about $25 to $50. This expense can be considered an investment in your dog's safety and well-being.

It's important to ensure that your Belgian Malinois's microchip is registered and up to date with your contact information to help increase the chances of your dog being reunited with you in the event they are lost.

Vaccinations: $75 - $100

It’s important that you stay on top of your puppy’s vaccinations. Your Belgian Malinois puppy will typically need three sets of vaccinations in their first year. It’s recommended that they receive core vaccinations such as; rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and hepatitis. Each set of vaccines generally costs about $75 - $100, which could amount to $225 - $300 in the first year.


If at any point you are unable to meet your dog’s exercise needs, services such as dog walking is available. Dog walkers typically charge about $15 - $25 for a 30-minute walk or $20 - $50 for an hour-long walk. While not essential, this service can help you to meet your Belgian Malinois’ needs when in a pinch.

Boarding facilities are convenient for when you are away from home. Cost estimates for this kind of service could range around $25 - $85 per day. It is not uncommon for boarding facilities to offer additional services such as grooming and puppy playtime while your pet is in their care. These services can help a pet parent get peace of mind while away, resting easier in the knowledge that their pet is being well cared for and is having their needs met.

Lifetime Belgian Malinois Cost: $27,855

The cost of owning a Belgian Malinois can add up over their lifetime. On average, the total cost of owning a Belgian Malinois over their lifespan is $27,855. This cost includes the initial purchase price, food and treats, grooming, veterinary expenses such as vaccinations and check-ups, training, and microchipping. It’s important to note that this estimated cost does not include the cost of emergency services, should your pet need it.

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Bringing a Belgian Malinois into your home can be a wonderful experience for those who are willing to put in the time, effort, and financial resources required to care for these amazing dogs. With their intelligence, loyalty, and athleticism, Belgian Malinois are ideal companions for active individuals and families. By providing them with the proper training, exercise, and the veterinary care they need, you can enjoy many years of happy memories with your furry friend. With careful consideration of the costs involved, you can make an informed decision about whether a Belgian Malinois is the right breed for you and your household.


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