Spot Pet Insurance Coverage Options

From tooth extractions for accidents, and even a vet's second opinion for covered conditions, find what you need to know about Spot's affordable plan options for your dog or cat.

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Accident & Illness

as low as$13/mo¹


Exam fees for covered conditions

Covers dental illnesses like Gingivitis
and Spot plans cover tooth
extractions for dental accidents.

Cancer treatments including but not
limited to radiation treatment and chemotherapy

No preventive care requirements to
cover certain illnesses.



as low as$10/mo¹


Swallowed foreign objects

Lacerations, stings, bites, toxin
ingestion, broken bones, etc.

Surgery & hospitalization for

What is covered in Spot plans?

When your pet means everything to you, you want what they need in a plan to get them back on their paws sooner. Spot plans provide coverage for eligible treatments and services for covered conditions. Spot Accident-only and Accident & Illness plans offer coverage that some other providers' plans don't include or charge an extra add-on fee to include.

  • Unlimited annual limit option
  • No per incident caps
  • No lifetime caps

Add Regular Teeth Cleanings to Your Plan

You can add platinum preventive care coverage to your plan for an extra cost to get coverage for routine dental cleanings

Spot Preventive Care Coverage Perks

Spaying or Neutering

Covered for an extra cost in the Platinum Preventative Add-on

Dental Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning coverage included in Spot's preventative care coverage options for an extra cost

Wellness Exams

Routine exams and screenings give your vet the opportunity to detect health issues in the early stages

Preventative Care Coverage Options

Spot offers a Gold Preventative Care coverage options and a Platinum Preventative Care coverage options for an extra cost per month that can easily be added to your plans.

Preventative Care Coverage Options
Maximum Annual Benefits
Dental Cleaning
Wellness Exam
Dog DHLPP or Cat FVRCP Vaccine / Titer
Fecal Test
Dog Heartworm or Cat FELV Test
Rabies and/or Dog Lyme or Cat FIP Vaccine / Titer
Total Annual Benefit

Easy Plans with Extensive Coverage


Visit Any Licensed Vet

Get vet treatment in the US or Canada.


Submit Your Claim

Send us your bill online, in our app, or via fax.


Get Cash Back

Get paid back for eligible vet bills for covered conditions.

How is a premium calculated?

Your choice of plan and whether you add on an extra preventative care wellness plan, as well as your selection of reimbursement rate, annual deductible, annual limit, and any discounts you’ve earned as a multi-pet home all play a role in calculating your pet’s monthly premium. Your Accident Only or Accident & Illness plan price options are also determined by the age, breed, and location of the pet being insured.

How is a premium calculated?

Pet Age

Pet Zip Code

Pet Breed


Did You Know?

Spot preventive care coverage options, which can be added for an extra cost per month, have NO waiting periods. It’s true. You can use it the next day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about pet insurance and how it works? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Are there Any Age Limits?

You can enroll your pet in a plan provided from Spot once your pet is 8 weeks old or older. There is no upper age limit for coverage or enrollments.

Can I Get Reimbursed for Routine Teeth Cleanings?

Base level plans provided by Spot do not cover routine teeth cleanings.  

However, Spot accident & illness plans cover treatments for dental illnesses.  The only treatment covered for dental accidents is tooth extractions. 

To get reimbursed on routine cleanings for your dog or cat’s general wellbeing, you’ll need to add preventive coverage to your base plan for a little extra cost per month. 

Does Pet Insurance Cover Exam Fees?

Not all insurances cover exam fees. Spot plans cover exams for covered conditions. 

Routine wellness exams are not covered by base level plans provided by Spot, and they are only covered under Spot’s Preventive Care plans, which you can add on to your base level plans for a little extra cost.

Does Pet Insurance Cover End of Life Expenses?

When your pet’s end of life is caused by a covered condition, plans provided by Spot cover expenses for euthanasia, burial and cremation only. Plans provided by Spot do not cover funeral expenses, memorial items, urns, caskets, burial plots or burial plot maintenance fees.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Spaying

Base level plans provided by Spot do not cover spaying.  

Spot’s Platinum Preventive Care plan option reimburses up to $150 on spaying/neutering with no deductible. The Platinum Preventive Care plan is available as an add-on to your base level plan for $24.95/month and provides a total annual benefit of $450 in routine care allowance.

See the breakdown of what Spot’s Preventive Care plan options cover:

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