The 5 Secrets to Raising a Happy, Healthy Puppy

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The 5 Secrets to Raising a Happy, Healthy Puppy

Spot is thrilled to provide pet parents with these five insights from Sarah Hodgson, author of books, including Puppies for Dummies, trainer, and pet behavior expert. Rejecting an alpha-centric approach, Sarah encourages her audience to look at the world through their puppy’s eyes, using food and fun to encourage cooperation and connection.

As a veteran in the Dr. Marty Becker’s Fear Free® movement, Sarah Hodgson’s insights help Spot offer a well-balanced approach to pet training.

Puppyhood Insights

Puppies Aren’t Just a Stuffed Animal with a Heartbeat

Few things melt a heart like a young puppy. Small and wobbly, their early days revolve around three basic things: resting, eating, and pottying. Like a baby, they don’t know what to do when they feel tired, hungry, or need to potty.

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The Certainties of Everyday Life

Puppies, like kids, are a disorganized lot. They need routines and repetitions to succeed. Often the best way to organize a puppy schedule is to create a master plan, i.e., a daily schedule, for everyone involved in caring for them.

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Tell Them What to Do, Not What Not to Do

Puppy training happens, whether you think you’re influencing them or not. Puppies, like kids, repeat whatever gets attention. Negative or positive? It often doesn’t matter.

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The ABC’s of Puppy Parenting: Freedom, Food and Fun

A good parent balances rest and relaxation with the right mix of freedom, food, and fun. All puppies need healthy meals to grow and thrive. Food and treats can be doled out throughout the day to reward behaviors like sit and come. If your vet recommends prescription food, SPOT Pet Insurance may be able to partially cover the cost.

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Your Puppy’s (Next) Best Friend—Your Veterinarian

Your puppy’s veterinarian will be their best friend and your most trusted ally. In your lifelong commitment to your puppy’s health and happiness, make the experience positive and rewarding from your first vet visit on. Pack a comfort bag to ensure you’ve brought all their favorite things, from a cozy blanket that smells like home, to savory chews and yummy treats.

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