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Pet Wellness Mini-Series: Holistic Health

SPOT's Key Takeaways

  • Look into alternative therapies or more options to get your pet the best care
  • Find balanced energy for overall pet wellness
  • Create a healthy routine that provides exercise and mental stimulation
  • Take preventive measures like vaccinating, deworming, spaying, flea and tick prevention, and heartworm prevention

Free Pet Insurance Quote in 30 Seconds

With premium prices less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day,* you can get a plan that reimburses thousands for covered conditions.

  • Customize a plan that works for you
  • Submit claims for visits to any licensed vet
  • Get reimbursed between 70% - 90% on eligible vet bills

New to SPOT:

A 24/7 Helpline

As a thank you for enrolling in a SPOT Pet Insurance, we will provide you with immediate access to our 24/7 helpline for pet health, behavior, and wellness questions provided by WhiskerDocs.

Your questions will be answered by veterinary experts at no additional cost!

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About SPOT Pet Insurance

SPOT teamed up with Cesar Millan in 2020 on a shared mission to create better humans, better pets, and a better planet.

SPOT knows that your pets are part of your family. As pet parents ourselves, we make their overall health and wellbeing our top priority. That’s why we provide the highest quality pet-centric coverage and first-class service.

We believe that pet wellness benefits our wellbeing, and we're committed to helping pets lead happy healthy lives.

*Rates vary depending on plan type, species, breed, age, and location of a pet being insured. **Paid Endorsement