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1 in 3 Pets Need Emergency Veterinary Treatment Every Year1

Learn Cesar Millan's secrets to helping your pet live a longer, happier life. Plus, discover how you can save up to 90% on covered vet bills and reduce anxiety about pet health expenses.

In this short presentation, you'll hear:

  • The lesson Cesar Millan learned from his dog Daddy
  • The five body motions that are key for dog health
  • The danger that vet bills can pose to your finances
  • The secret to receiving up to 90% back on covered vet bills
  • The most important reason to have pet insurance
  • What pet parents are saying about their Spot insurance plans

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Life happens, but you don't need to worry about all the "what ifs." Spot plans help you focus on the joys of pet parenting instead.

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As a Spot plan policyholder, you can enjoy immediate access to WhiskerDocs® 24/7 helpline for pet health, behavior, and wellness questions.

Have your questions answered by veterinary experts at no additional cost!

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About Spot Pet Insurance

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Spot Pet Insurance teamed up with Cesar Millan in 2020 on a shared mission to create better humans, better pets, and a better planet.

Spot plans support you in serious and scary situations and help you focus on the joys of being a responsible pet parent. Products offered by Spot, as well as Spot's communications and employees' support you in forming the best relationship with your pet over a long, healthy life.

We believe that your pet's wellbeing benefits your wellbeing, and that's why Spot provides pet insurance you both will love.

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*30-day money-back guarantee is only available if no claims have been covered or paid, not available in NY

1) Are you prepared for a pet emergency? Most Americans are not, Retrieved from