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VetAccess 24/7 pet tele-health helpline is available to all Spot customers upon enrollment. Not part of the Spot family yet? Get your free quote to see all the ways a plan provided by Spot can help you protect your pet's health.
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Access to 24/7 Helpline

Spot plans provide you with immediate access to VetAccess 24/7 helpline as part of your dog insurance or cat insurance plan. With our pet telehealth app, questions about pet health, behavior, and wellness are answered by veterinary experts at no additional cost. There's no waiting period, you can access the VetAccess feature from your Spot portal as soon as you log in.
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Examples of What You Can Ask Vet Telehealth Specialists

  • My dog isn't being herself. What might be wrong?
  • My cat seems sick. Should I take him to the ER, or can he wait to see his regular vet?
  • My dog swallowed a sock. How can I tell if she has a blockage, and how much would surgery for it cost?
  • Are the side effects my dog is experiencing from her new medication normal?

Technology-Powered Health

When in doubt, vet telehealth specialists give you convenient and quick access to expertise on the platform of your choice.
  • Mobile chat with veterinarean health professional about your pet
  • Call a vet over the phone with your peet insurance plan
  • Message a professional vet clinic for treatment plans
  • Video over your phone with a licensed vet health professional right now
While VetAccess specialists can’t diagnose or provide treatment plans, they can offer support and guidance, so don't hesitate to use this service!