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Pet Insurance Comparison: SPOT vs. PetFirst

February 21, 2020 by SPOT Pet Insurance
Spot compared to Pet First

At SPOT, we pride ourselves on offering an innovative approach with user-friendly online access to customizable coverage and pet parenting resources. We think choosing SPOT coverage is a no-brainer, but if you're sizing up the competition, we're happy to help.

SPOT vs. PetFirst

PetFirst and SPOT Pet Insurance differ in many ways, but we've broken down the variables to make this comparison quite simple. Here are what we think are the 7 most notable ways SPOT differs from PetFirst.

Deductible Model

A deductible is the amount you must satisfy for covered veterinary expenses before you can start being reimbursed. Not all providers provide the same deductible options or apply them the same way.

PetFirst Per Incident Deductibles

PetFirst deductibles are applied per incident. Wow! This means that you'll need to meet your deductible amount every time your pet has a new illness or injury. So, if your deductible is $250, you’re paying that amount before receiving reimbursement for every new reason your pet needs vet help.

vs. SPOT Deductibles

SPOT uses an annual deductible. You select the annual deductible as part of your enrollment process and only have to meet it once in a calendar year, no matter how many times your pet gets hurt or sick. You can choose from $500, $200, and $100 options.

Quick tip: If you want a lower premium, select a higher deductible. If you want more money back for your claims, select a lower deductible.

Accident-Only Plan

PetFirst Doesn't Offer Accident-Only

vs. SPOT Accident-Only Plans

SPOT's Accident-Only plan is a great option if your pet has a solid bill of health and is not susceptible to illnesses, but you want to make sure you have coverage for any injuries from accidents. It's a less expensive alternative to our Accident & Illness Coverage, so it's great for a budget.

Money Back Guarantee

PetFirst 14-Day Money Back

PetFirst moneyback guarantee lasts for 14 days and only applies if you do not submit any claims.

vs. SPOT 30-Day Money Back

How about 30 days? That's right! We want to make sure you're happy with the coverage plan you select. As long no covered expenses have been applied to your deductible or reimbursed, you can get a full refund within this time frame*

Multi-Pet Discount

PetFirst 5% Discount

PetFirst offers a 5% discount for your second pet and 10% for three or more.

vs. SPOT 10% Discount

Take 10% off any additional pet you enroll with SPOT, discount applied to the lower premium.

Microchip Coverage

Pet First Additional Cost

You’ll have to pay extra for microchipping with PetFirst since they only cover it as an optional add-on.

vs. SPOT Microchipping Included

SPOT plans cover implanting a microchip in your pet, which can help you be reunited with your pet, should they ever be lost

Prescription Food & Supplements

One of the most common questions we receive is, "Does pet insurance cover prescription food and supplements?" PetFirst and Spot pet health insurance plans both offer coverage for this, but they do so differently.

PetFirst Additional Cost

PetFirst offers coverage for prescription food as an optional add-on that only applies to 25% of the cost of the food up to a total of $250 reimbursed annually.

vs. SPOT Coverage Included

Prescription food and supplements are covered up to your full annual benefit amount with no separate reimbursement or limits when it is being used to treat a covered condition (not for general maintenance or weight management).

Behavioral Conditions

PetFirst Additional Cost

PetFirst offers coverage for behavioral conditions as an optional add-on with preventative care coverage.

vs. SPOT Coverage Included

SPOT covers the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral conditions that may include concerning behavior like excessive licking, fur pulling, and destruction of the home.

For a more extensive look at how SPOT coverage compares to the rest, visit our coverage comparison page.

But really, we think the coverage speaks for itself. Ready to join the SPOT family? Fetch your free quote.

*30-day money back guarantee is not available in NY.

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