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Spot Customer Story: Meeko the Havanese Puppy

December 1, 2020 by The Spot Pack
Havanese Dog Running in Grass

Meet Meeko, a spunky Havanese puppy born in January 2020. Meeko lives in Florida and his favorite things to do include spending quality time with his dog pals (big and small), going to the dog park, running super fast, and play-fighting.

Meeko’s mom, Bailey, enrolled in a SPOT Pet Insurance policy on April 12, 2020. At the time, young Meeko had a clean bill of health and was getting coverage “just in case.”

Since Meeko is a puppy, Bailey decided to add Spot’s Platinum Preventive Care* to her Accident & Illness coverage to help cover the cost of first-year vaccinations and neutering.

Once enrolled, Meeko promptly visited the vet to get routine care, check-up and shots. Spot has no waiting period for preventive care plans, so Bailey was able to file a claim just five days after enrolling and get reimbursed. Meeko returned for the next round of shots in May and filed another preventive care claim. All was going according to plan!

First-year vaccinations and routine care cost: $354.
Spot Platinum Preventive Care reimbursement: $159.

Being a responsible pup can be exhausting…

Havanese Sleeping in Dog Bed

Then June rolled around and it turned out Meeko’s first summer wasn’t going to be all playtime and cozy naps. Over the course of June and July, Meeko had stomach problems, diarrhea, allergies, and a nasty ear infection. As a first-time pet parent, Bailey was admittedly not sure how to best help Meeko and was thankful to have insurance to make the decision to take Meeko to get help an easier one. Three vet bills later, Meeko’s total June and July vet costs: $347.
Bailey met her selected annual deductible of $100 and then was reimbursed: $197

August was a relaxed month; no vet visits! Meeko got to spend the time playing with friends and working on Cesar Millan’s 5 essential commands (Meeko, known to be a bit of a wild card at times, is becoming quite the proper pup!)

Golden Retriever and Havanese Dogs

In September, it was time to head back to the vet for more routine care: neutering, blood work, and a check-up. Coming of age sure can be expensive!

The total in vet bills this time? $527.
Again, Spot paid out more than half in reimbursement: $318.

Meeko’s bloodwork looked good and he recovered from his neutering well. For a month, it was back to some of his favorite things: soft Milkbone treats, chewy bones, and play nipping at momma’s feet to get her attention. And then in October, the tummy problems and ouchie ears returned. Back to the vet.

This time, the doctor ordered probiotics, antibiotics, and a medicine ear wash. With his treatments, Meeko was back in action.

October vet bill: $146
Spot reimbursed: $132

Over Bailey’s first 6 months of being a policyholder, Meeko’s total premium payments were $483 (Meeko’s annual premium with preventive care coverage is $966). In that time, Spot reimbursed Bailey $768 in claims. When you subtract what Bailey paid in premiums from what she was reimbursed, her total savings were $286.

I was super surprised how much puppies go to the vet. So that has been an interesting discovery and it makes me super excited to have pet insurance. It has definitely been worth it! – Bailey

We know that this isn’t always the case; you don’t always save money having your pet insured. But there’s more to it than that. You can feel a bit more confident taking your dog to the vet when you need help and stress a little less about covering the costs. In Bailey’s case, she’s not sure she would have gotten Meeko all the care he needed if she didn’t have Spot coverage.

I’m so thankful to have Spot insurance…without it, I don’t know if I’d be able to take Meeko in for all the things that I know nothing about. I feel much better knowing I can get Meeko the care he needs. Plus, I’m happy I got a policy when he was little-before he was diagnosed with allergies! Now it’s covered on my policy and I’ll be able to get help treating him for it over the years. – Bailey**

Get a free quote for the Meeko in your life today!

*Spot Preventive Care available as an add on to coverage for an additional cost
**Allergies are not covered if considered a pre-existing condition. In this case, allergies were covered because they developed after Meeko had a pet insurance plan.

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