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We encourage everyone to tell their friends how amazing Spot Pet Insurance is! However, just a heads-up, in order to receive rewards for your referrals you must agree to our terms and conditions and have an active Spot Pet Insurance policy in one of our eligible U.S. states.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy— just:

  1. Visit https://spotpetins.com/refer-a-friend

  2. Fill in the Email address connected to your Spot Pet Insurance account

  3. Hit the Generate Link button

  4. Copy and share the link with your friends directly, or use any of the handy built-in sharing buttons you see below your link.

Just click on, or copy and paste the link into any browser and we'll make sure your friend gets credit for and is paid when you submit an application for a Spot Pet Insurance quote.

Spot sends out rewards on a monthly basis, so you should expect to receive your rewards within 31 days of a friend using your link to get a Spot Pet Insurance quote. Just keep in mind that your account must be active and in adherence with our Terms of Service at the time your reward is processed.

When your reward is processed you will immediately receive an email with a virtual Amazon Gift Card number. This gift card number can be redeemed on Amazon for any goods or services, but we have it on good authority that 9 out of 10 cats and dogs prefer you use it to utterly spoil them with toys and treats.