The Spot Difference

Spot was created to simplify pet insurance, with a streamlined quote process and excellent user experience. It’s a fresh new approach that shapes coverage to
help you protect your pets with the best care available.


Streamlined processes for quotes and claims simplify pet insurance.


Our site lets you quickly, easily manage your entire account.


All policies are underwritten by a provider of leading insurance since 1822.

How it Works

Visit Any Licensed Vet,
Emergency Clinic
or Specialist.

Get the care your pet
needs and pay your bill.

Submit Your

Send it in online, by phone,
by mail, or by fax.


We can send a direct
deposit or mail a check.


Spot On Coverage takes care of costs for injuries and emergencies related to your pets accidents, like bite wounds, cuts, broken bones, lodged foreign objects, and toxic ingestions.


With your Spot On Coverage, you’ll be reimbursed for the costs of major and minor illnesses, such as cancer, arthritis, hypothyroidism, digestive problems, and UTIs.


Hereditary Conditions

This coverage is for the costs of inherited conditions and birth defects that don’t show symptoms until later in your pet’s life, like heart disease, IVDD, eye disorders, and hip dysplasia.

Behavioral Issues

This coverage can help with the costs of veterinary visits for concerning behaviors that may be related to anxiety or compulsive behavior, like excessive licking, fur pulling, and destruction of the home.