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6 Pet Wellness Pillars with Cesar Millan

Watch Cesar Millan's 6 pillars for building a strong human-dog relationship. Learn about trust, respect, affection, physical exercise, and balanced energy for general pet wellness. These minute-long videos are guiding principles for new and experienced pet parents!



Your relationship with your pet is built on trust, respect, and love. We need to gain their trust before we can gain respect or give affection. Gain trust by working on things like walking together with your dog.


Before unconditional love, comes respect. Show you can provide direction and protection. By being consistent with boundaries, you can establish yourself as a respectable leader in your pack.


The affection you show your pet reinforces their behavior. Show affection at the appropriate times with simple touch and with calm energy. Don't show affection that will reinforce undesirable behaviors.

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Physical Activity.

A happy dog is an exercised dog! Proper exercise helps your dog balance their energy. Taking walks with your dogs is a great way to get exercise and live in the moment together.

Holistic Options.

A holistic approach to pet health includes daily exercise, preventive care, and a knowledge of care options, including alternative treatments and health measures.

Overall Wellness.

Nourish your dog's body, mind, and spirit. Keep up with preventive care and know your treatment options should your pet get an injury or illness. That's how we help our pets keep overall wellness.