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Pet Shelter Partnerships

Help keep rescues in their forever homes when you partner with SPOT

SPOT's mission is to help pets lead longer, happier lives. We're especially passionate about helping rescues stay healthy in their forever homes. We work with shelters to educate pet parents on the role pet insurance plays in making this possible.

Partner with SPOT

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How Does Pet Insurance Help Adopted Pets?

26% of shelter animals are surrendered because of health issues1 . Imagine if those pet parents had a resource like pet insurance to help support them when their pet was diagnosed with a health issue. Many times, they may not have known pet insurance was an option. Let's change that.


What it means to be a SPOT partner

  • We send swag boxes for your staff and educational brochures to place in adoption packets.
  • We promote your shelter on our website, email newsletters, and social media.
  • We give a dollar per pet for shelters that adopt out at least 1,000 pets the previous year. Enquire below for more details on the SPOT shelter sponsorship.

Why SPOT is great for rescues

  • Accident & Illness, Accident-Only, and Preventive Care* coverage options
  • 24/7 Pet telehealth helpline by whiskerDocs® included in all plans. New pet parents can access this feature the day they enroll.
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee
  • Exclusive training content with experts like SPOT Chairman Cesar Millan

Become a SPOT Shelter Partner

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The SPOT Team Rescues

SPOT knows a thing or two about rescues. Many of our team members are rescue parents themselves, including SPOT Chairman Cesar Millan.

With Cesar Millan's training help, the SPOT team adopted Spot the Rescue, a spotted Chihuahua mix. Follow his story on Instagram @SpotTheRescue.

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