Never put yourself in a situation where you have to choose between your wallet and your pet. When is the last time you reviewed pet insurance options for your furry pal? 


For years, pets in the US have been underserved pet insurance. According to data released by NAPHIA’s 2018 State of the Industry report, there are an estimated 94.2 million cats and 89.7 million dogs owned in the US, and only 1.2% are covered by pet insurance. 


The numbers are barely better if you extend into Canada. Pet owners of Canada split evenly between cats (8.2M) and dogs (8.3M); overall insurance coverage is a meager 1.6 percent. 


Although market penetration for pet insurance is low for US and CAN pet owners, annualized growth rates over the past five years are an impressive 14.6%  and 11.5%, respectively. 


Free Online Quote Tools Spark Curiosity

Recent growth in the pet insurance industry has come amid an increasing presence online and in app stores for insurance companies. Pet owners are easily able to access and fill out free online quotes faster than ever before. Increased traffic to websites combined with more transparent coverage offers from insurers has made it easier for many pet owners to open a policy. 

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Is Pet Insurance Right for You?

Purchasing pet insurance can be extremely valuable when guarding against the unexpected, but it’s a personal decision.

Are financially stable enough to spare $500 to $4000 on a sudden injury or illness?


Vet bills can be extremely expensive, and often come due at the worst times. Budget for your pet’s misfortune ahead of time by reviewing what is covered for your pet today

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