Pet Insurance for Vets

Telling clients about pet insurance can directly benefit your practice, as insured clients may be more likely to pursue recommended treatments. Partner with SPOT to spread the word.

Plus, your pet-loving staff can enjoy up to 15% off* pet insurance policies for their pets when you partner with SPOT.

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*5% vet discount plus 10% multi-pet discount for added pets.


The Benefits of Partnering with SPOT

Spot is a financial safety net for your clients. By reimbursing up to 90% of eligible vet bills, we reduce financial barriers that prevent pet parents from getting treatments. The results? More pets receiving the care they need and more revenue for your office.

We offer customizable dog insurance and cat insurance plans for Accident & Illness, Accident-Only, and optional Preventive Care** Coverage to suit a range of pet parent pocketbooks and pet needs.

SPOT helps vets like you grow their practices

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Increased pet health and vet office revenue

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Clients bring pets for care sooner

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Clients more likely to pursue treatment

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Up to 15% discount* on policies for staff

**Preventive Care Coverage available to add for an additional cost


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Pet insurance can increase annual spend at the vet

Research funded by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) determined that pet insurance offers the potential of $7 billion increase in vet spending annually. The findings included that 47% of pet owners would likely purchase pet health insurance if vets made the recommendation.**

We know your staff is full of vets and techs, not salespeople! SPOT makes it easy to inform clients about pet insurance on a busy schedule. We provide brochures and useful SPOT collateral that your staff can use without changing their routine.

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