Pet Dental Insurance

Dental problems in dogs and cats can lead to larger health and behavior issues. SPOT policies cover dental diseases and tooth extractions for dental accidents. You can add Preventive Care coverage to a policy for a little extra cost and get reimbursed for routine teeth cleanings, too.
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Pet dental insurance for accidents and illnesses

Our Accident-Only plans cover tooth extractions related to injuries. In addition to injury-related treatments, Accident & Illness plans cover treatments for dental illnesses or hereditary issues, as long as they are not pre-existing conditions. Common pet dental issues include gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontal disease, epulides, and tumors.

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Does pet insurance cover teeth cleaning?

Pet dental cleanings can be expensive, but skipping them can be even more costly to your pocketbook and to your pet’s wellbeing.

Regular teeth cleanings help your pet avoid conditions like gingivitis, a bacterial infection, which can lead to severe pain, bleeding, tooth loss, and bone loss (1).

With SPOT's Preventive Care coverage added to your policy for a little extra cost each month, you can get reimbursed when you take your pet in for routine dental cleanings. Preventive Care plans allow a certain reimbursement amount for dental cleaning each year, and there’s no deductible to meet. Check out our Preventive Care chart for a list of what each plan covers.

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Pet Telehealth App from Spot

If you do have to take your pet to the vet for an emergency visit (we hope not!), you can stay tech-savvy and submit your claim through our app. 

And if you have questions about what your pet insurance plan covers at the vet, please visit our FAQs page or see our Sample Policy and enter your state and policy type.