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Expand your benefits, brand, or business with Spot Pet Insurance. Whether you’re a benefits broker, employer, pet shelter, a vet office, or an organization interested in pet health, we want to hear from you! Spot offers flexible coverage for employees, customers, and group members. Learn more about Spot partnership opportunities.
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We're a rated-excellent company that takes a holistic approach to pet health. Our coverage extends to exams, alternative therapies, and behavioral training to treat covered conditions. Our plans are customizable with options for Preventive Care Coverage*, and Accident-Only plans to fit limited budgets. All policyholders get access to a 24/7 pet telehealth helpline provided by VetConntect™. Basically, we've got them covered.

Our mission is to help pets live longer, healthier lives. Join Spot's mission and see how we can work together to bring peace of mind to the pet parents in your life.

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Bring discounted pet insurance to your employees as a voluntary benefit.
Looking to expand your employee benefits or offerings? More than 30% of employers are already offering pet insurance to their employees. Partner with Spot to bring a growing and sought-after benefit to your employees.
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Add quality pet insurance to your benefits portfolio, receive easy commissions.
Add Spot Pet Insurance to your list of voluntary benefits. There’s no cost to sign up and broker partners receive generous commissions.
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