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We're a digital-first pet insurance provider that's all about simple pet insurance and the joys of pet parenting. We started as a small team of pet lovers and have quickly become one of the fastest-growing pet insurance providers in North America.

Our products, communications, and employees support humans in forming the best relationship with their pets over a long, healthy life together.

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Offices in Miami, FL and West Palm Beach, FL. Serving pet parents across the U.S. and Canada.

One of the fastest-growing pet insurance providers in the U.S.

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Nov 9, 2021
3 Trends That Could Lead To More Opportunities For Advisors
Insurtechs are providing a much-needed injection of innovation to the insurance model. They have leveraged technology and data analytics to create online platforms that streamline the application and underwriting process...
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Press Releases

Dec 2, 2021
Spot Pet Insurance Refreshes Brand with Love
A rapidly growing digital-first pet insurance provider, Spot supports happier pets and pet parents with pet insurance they both will love. The rebrand captures the simple joys of pet parenting...
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March 23, 2021
Pets, the Pandemic, and Pet Insurance: Here's What You Need to Know
According to the American Pet Products Association, 11.38 million U.S. households invited new pets into their lives since the global pandemic shut down social spots and found us seeking safety inside our homes.
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