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Irving, TX Pet Insurance

Irving, TX, is located between Dallas and Fort Worth and is known for its incredible diversity. One of its ZIP codes is one of the most diverse in the United States! The city boasts a variety of entertainment venues for music, dance, and theater, but it’s also known for its green space and golf courses as well! Not only that, but they also have made great strides to being a pet-friendly city, and it shows through the many different locations that your dog is welcome throughout the city! If you’re considering spending time in Irving, TX, it’s important to know all that you’re getting yourself into before you go so you’re prepared. If you’re going to be taking your pet with you, one of the best things you can do to prepare is get a pet insurance policy for them.
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What Is Pet Insurance?

Accident & illness pet insurance plans cover the eligible vet care costs for your pet’s unexpected accidents and illnesses. Once you choose the policy that’s right for your pet, you will begin paying a premium. In return, you get coverage according to the plan that you choose. In order to use your coverage, you usually need to submit claims for reimbursement.

Most pet insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions. It’s also important to know that most pet insurance plans have a waiting period before coverage starts.

Pet-Friendly Activities in Irving, TX

Once you your pet insurance policy, it’s time to explore all that Irving, TX has to offer you and your furry family member! No matter what your preference is, you’re sure to find somewhere to take your cat or dog that you will both enjoy!

Outdoor Activities

You and your dog are sure to want to spend some time outdoors while you’re in Irving, TX, so it’s a good idea to know where you can take them before you head out!

If you’re looking for a good dog park for your pooch to get some energy out in, there are two to choose from: Paws Colinas and Irving Dog Park. Both parks offer areas that are separate for small and large dogs, allowing your pup space to play with dogs that are similar in size! Dog parks are a great place for your pooch to get some leash-free time while also getting to socialize!

If you and your dog are on the adventurous side, you can paddleboard or kayak on the many waterways in Irving, TX. You can go to Stand Up Paddle to reserve your vessel of choice and then go to the SUP Shack to pick it up and be on your way! Make sure to have life jackets for both of you, and then be prepared for a fun and unique adventure with your best furry friend!

There are also many walking and hiking trails throughout the city if the two of you prefer more leisurely activities. One path in particular that dog owners enjoy is at Lake Carolyn. This loop path is three miles and is full of beautiful views for you to take in. You may even meet some other dogs along the way!

When you take your pup on an outdoor excursion, there are risks involved. Your dog may pick up an illness from other dogs or environmental conditions, or they may hurt themselves on a hike or walk. While these issues are stressful, having an accident & illness pet insurance plan can help lower the stress level you’re likely to feel.

Food and Drink

Once you’ve spent the day in the sun, you’ll likely want to grab a bite to eat! Fortunately, there are over 40 restaurants in Irving, TX, and the surrounding areas that will allow you to bring your pooch with you to eat in some capacity!

The Ginger Man is a place you have to check out if you are a beer drinker. This bar has over a hundred beers to choose from and has food for lunch and dinner! Of course, your dog is welcome on the patio, where you can grab a table with an umbrella and take in the gorgeous views of Lake Carolyn. The staff will treat your pup as well as they treat you, even bringing them a fresh bowl of water when you arrive at your table!

After dinner, you and your pup can head over to Pop Factory for delicious paleta-style popsicles! They even have adorable bone-shaped pupsicles for your furry friend to enjoy! They have both water and milk-based popsicles and even offer boozy popsicles if that’s something you enjoy!

There are even dog-focused eateries throughout the city as well! The Snackin’ Waggin’s is The Original Dog Food Truck that pops up throughout the city and has dog food and treats for your pup to enjoy that you can feel good about! The food is healthy and natural, plus proceeds go to Hound Haven, a nonprofit dog rescue!

When you take your dog to an eatery, you run the risk of them ingesting a portion of food or drink that they shouldn’t. This can be scary for a pet owner and can lead to vet visits or calls to animal poison control. With pet insurance, you can stress less because your pet has coverage for the eligible vet costs for their unexpected accidents and illnesses.


No time in Irving, TX, is complete without the perfect pet-friendly lodging. There are many lodging options that allow you to bring your pet with you!

NYLO Dallas Las Colinas allows you to bring up to two pets of any size with you for $50 per stay. However, they don’t allow aggressive breeds to stay in their rooms, which is something to be mindful of.

Another great option is Westin Irvine Convention Center at Las Colinas. Westin hotels are known for the Westin Heavenly Bed, which is their signature mattress that gives guests great sleep. At this hotel, your pup can experience this same comfort in a Heavenly Dog Bed, along with other special treats, completely free of charge!

No matter where you choose to sleep, you’ll have help resting easy if your pet has pet insurance.

Here at Spot Pet Insurance, we do our best to provide helpful pet info. We care deeply about your pet’s health and want to be with you every step of the way. For other helpful info about pets, check out our Spot Pet Insurance webpage! Here we provide you with educational materials that can help you with the best foods, toys, safety, and care tips for your dogs & cats. We also offer personalized pet insurance plan options to help keep your pet protected in case of unexpected accidents and illnesses.

The team of pet parents at Spot wants to support your pet as they live a happy and healthy life. For tips to help your pets live their best life, check out our Spot Pet Insurance webpage. Our blog is full of info on what matters to you like the annual cost of a dog, why pet insurance offers peace of mind, and the benefits of pet insurance for your dog or cat.

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Takeaway No matter what your plans are when you’re in Irving, TX, getting dog insurance or cat insurance for your furry friend will help you relax and enjoy activities you and your cat or dog experience together.

Spot Pet Insurance offers pet insurance policies that are designed to meet a variety of needs.