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Irvine, CA, is known for its beautiful weather, huge variety of activities, and thousands of acres of green space. With 350 days of sunshine every year and an average temperature of 76 degrees, there are few places in the country that are as beautiful to visit. That's why it's a place that people love to live in and visit. Often, these plans include bringing a pet along! If you want to spend time in Irvine, CA, you need to know what to expect so that you can plan accordingly. Regardless of the plans you make, if you're bringing a furry friend with you, it's a good idea to get pet insurance before you go!
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What Is Pet Insurance?

With pet insurance, you choose an insurance plan, and then you pay a premium. In return, you receive coverage based on the plan that you choose. Accident & illness pet insurance plans cover the eligible costs of vet care for your pet’s unexpected accidents and illnesses. To use your coverage, you will usually submit claims for reimbursement.

It’s important to know that most pet insurance plans do not cover any pre-existing conditions. Also, most pet insurance plans have a waiting period before coverage begins.

Pet-Friendly Activities in Irvine, CA

Once you have pet insurance, it’s time to explore all that Irvine, CA, has to offer you and your furry friend! Fortunately, the city has a wide variety of pet-friendly options for you to choose from!

Outdoor Activities

With the perfect weather that Irvine, CA, is known for, you’re sure to want to spend a large amount of your time in the great outdoors! Those from the city know that, which is why you have plenty of places to choose from!

There are tons of parks for you and your dog to go to in order to enjoy the pleasant weather year-round. One must-see park is Orange County Great Park. This park is the home of the Great Park Balloon, which is one of the largest tethered helium balloons in the whole world. You and your pup can even take a ride on the balloon if you’d like because almost every area of the park is dog friendly!

There are also many dog parks throughout the city, which are designed to allow your pup to have some leash-free exercise right in the city. One to check out is Central Bark Dog Park, which has separate areas for large and small dogs. This is a great place for your dog to get out extra energy while also making new friends!

If your pup is more into exploring with just you, consider one of the dozens of hiking trails located throughout the city and surrounding areas. As long as your dog is on a leash, almost every trail in the city is dog friendly. Just make sure to check the difficulty of the trail before you set out, so you don’t take on one that’s over your comfort level!

If you need a slower pace, consider taking your pup to Irvine Spectrum Center. This is an indoor and outdoor shopping center that allows dogs in all outdoor areas. Some shops even allow dogs in their stores, which is indicated by an orange and black paw print on a window or door of the shop!

Whenever you take your dog to outdoor experiences, they run the risk of picking up an illness or experiencing an injury. However, you don’t have to stress as much if you have an accident & illness pet insurance policy because you’ll know you have coverage for the eligible vet care costs for your pet’s unexpected accidents and illnesses.

Food and Drink

After experiencing the beautiful scenery of Irvine, CA, you’re likely to want to grab a meal! Fortunately, there are close to 80 pet-friendly restaurants in Irvine, CA, and the surrounding area, so you’re likely to find a cuisine that you’ll want to try!

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar is a dog-themed restaurant that any pooch will thoroughly enjoy! This restaurant will give both you and your pup a menu of foods to choose from that is sure to leave you happy! It’s a great place to get a good meal and maybe even make a new friend!

Dose In The Box By Coffee Dose is a shipping container turned pink coffee shop that caters to both humans and dogs! You can find delicious vegan coffee drinks along with teas, bagels, sandwiches, salads, and even some treats for your pup! They can get water as well if needed, and the two of you can sit and take in the unique appearance of this little gem!

Eureka! is another delicious restaurant for you and your dog to check out. The menu includes made-from-scratch food that is cooked when you order it. Plus, they have a variety of American craft beers and liquors as well as specialty cocktails. Their outdoor seating is dog friendly, and your pup will even enjoy a bowl of water and some treats while they join you for a meal!

When you take your dog to an eatery, there’s always a chance they may get hurt if they eat or drink something that is unsafe for them. This can be incredibly concerning as a pet parent, but when you have an accident & illness pet insurance policy, you don’t have to worry as much because you have coverage for the eligible vet care costs for your pet’s unexpected accidents and illnesses. This can help you breathe easy and enjoy your meal!


Of course, no experience in Irvine, CA, is complete without proper lodging. Whether you’re visiting from out of town or simply taking a staycation, there are many pet-friendly lodging options in the city!

Hyatt House Irvine John Wayne Airport allows you to bring one pet who’s up to 50 pounds or two pets who together weigh 75 pounds. There is a pet fee of $75 for up to seven nights or $175 for eight nights or more, and they allow dogs and cats. Plus, your furry friend can even get treats when you check in!

If you’re looking for a unique stay, consider La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Irvine Spectrum. This hotel is in the National Registry of Historical Sites and was once a bean and grain warehouse – some rooms are even in a lima bean silo! Plus, they allow you to bring up to two dogs or cats of any size for $20 for the first night and $40 for two or more nights!

No matter where you stay, you have help resting easy when you have pet insurance for your furry family member!

Here at Spot Pet Insurance, we do our best to provide helpful pet info. We care deeply about your pet’s health and want to be with you every step of the way. For other helpful info about pets, check out our Spot Pet Insurance webpage! Here we provide you with educational materials that can help you with the best foods, toys, safety, and care tips for your dogs & cats. We also offer personalized pet insurance plan options to help keep your pet protected in case of unexpected accidents and illnesses.

The team of pet parents at Spot wants to support your pet as they live a happy and healthy life. For tips to help your pets live their best life, check out our Spot Pet Insurance webpage. Our blog is full of info on what matters to you like the annual cost of a dog, why pet insurance offers peace of mind, and the benefits of pet insurance for your dog or cat.

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No matter what plans you have for your pet in Irvine, CA, you should have a pet insurance policy! Spot Pet Insurance offers pet insurance plans for both cats and dogs, with a wide variety of coverage options, so you can pick coverage that meets your budget and your pet’s coverage needs! Getting a pet insurance plan will help you find peace of mind!