Pet Insurance in Hayward

Why Should You Have Pet Insurance in Hayward, CA?

Hayward, CA, is the sixth largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area and is known as the “Heart of the Bay.” It is a thriving center for commerce, trade, and manufacturing. The city strives to maintain a balance between preserving open spaces and meeting the needs of a growing community. Hayward, CA, is a city that stretches from the hills to the shore with other wonders between the two. The buildings in downtown Hayward have roots in the 1860s, and the city boasts of the oldest Japanese garden in California. A wide range of outdoor activities draws people to Hayward, California. From organized activities, like rounds of golf at one of three courses, to hikes along the shoreline, you will likely find an activity that meets your preferred way to relax. If you plan to bring your pet when you visit Hayward, CA, you should consider a pet insurance policy to help protect them.
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What Is Pet Insurance?

With pet insurance, you pay premiums in exchange for coverage. Accident & illness pet insurance plans cover the eligible vet care costs for your pet’s unexpected accidents and illnesses.

Most pet insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions, and most pet insurance plans have a waiting period before coverage starts. Pet-friendly Things to Do in Hayward, CA

Once you’ve gotten your pet insurance policy and are ready to plan your trip to Hayward, CA, you will likely want to find out what you can do with your pet in the city. Hayward reaches from the hills to the shoreline, so whether you love the beach or the mountains, you’ll likely find something to do in Hayward. A few activities are available in Hayward, CA, and scores of others are nearby.

Garin/Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Parks

The parks are two adjoining parks that were created from former 19th-century ranches. The combined parks cover more than 5,800 acres of open space and feature more than 35 miles of trails. If you choose to travel the trails, you will trek through narrow valleys and rolling hills, where you will enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Bay Area.

Dogs are allowed in the parks but are to be under voice control at all times. When in parking lots, picnic areas, playfields, or lawns, they are to be on a leash no longer than 6 feet. Always have the leash in hand and ready to use. Heel and/or leash your dog if you see cattle, and do not allow your dog to run and chase the cattle. There is a $2 fee per dog.

Japanese Gardens

The Hayward Japanese Gardens are the oldest in California. The site of the Gardens was once the site of the Hayward High School agricultural studies program. In September 1962, the school district stopped all educational activities at the location. In 1972, the Park District began activities to acquire the Botany Grounds for use as a park and recreation area.

The Japanese Gardens were designed using principles of traditional Japanese Garden art which were combined with the native stones, rocks, trees, and plantings of California. The buildings were meticulously constructed and aged without using any stains. Care was taken to notch all joints and recess all nails within each structure.

Hayward Regional Shoreline

The Hayward Regional Shoreline is located on the shores of San Francisco Bay in Hayward, CA. It’s a 1,713-acre park that reaches the shores of San Lorenzo. Cogswell Marsh, a 250-acre tidal wetland, is part of the park, as is the Oro Loma Marsh, which covers 364 acres.

Dogs are welcome within designated areas of the Regional Shoreline Park. You must keep your dogs on a leash, and you will see signs that relay the park rules. Dogs aren’t allowed south of the West Winton Avenue flood control channel. This rule is in place for the protection of wildlife.

Old Creek Dog Park of Cherryland

If you are looking for an off-leash area to let your dog play in Hayward, CA, look no further than Old Creek Dog Park of Cherryland. This pet-friendly recreation area has two dog runs. There is one for large dogs—those over 32 pounds—and one for small dogs.

When you let your pup run and play at this or any other recreation area, watch them closely. Running and playing can put them at risk for injury, as can introducing them to unfamiliar dogs. Make sure your pet insurance policy and it’s coverage are in effect fully before allowing your dog to play off-leash to help give you peace of mind that they have coverage.

Pet-friendly Lodging in Hayward, CA

When you are traveling with your fur baby, it’s imperative that you find somewhere that welcomes both of you to stay. We’ve found four places in Hayward, CA, that are pet-friendly lodgings. Let’s take a look at the places that welcome fur babies to stay the night.

La Quinta Inn & Suites Oakland-Hayward

The La Quinta Inn & Suites Oakland-Hayward allows both cats and dogs to stay in the hotel. You can bring a maximum of two pets with you. The pet fee is $20 per night, with a maximum of $40 per stay. There are no size restrictions for your pets.

Motel 6 Hayward

Motel 6 Hayward welcomes well-behaved pets and service animals. A maximum of two pets is allowed per room. There is no size limit and no pet fee for your well-behaved fur babies.

Heritage Inn Express Hayward

You can bring one pet with you to the Heritage Inn Express Hayward. The hotel only allows dogs. There is no weight limit, but there is a $10 per night pet fee. The maximum fee per stay is $50.

Red Roof Inn Hayward

You may bring one well-behaved pet with you to the Red Roof Inn Hayward. Dogs or cats are allowed. There is no weight limit, and no fee or deposit is required. Guests must notify the front desk that they have a pet when they arrive, and the guest is liable for all damages. Pets cannot be left unattended in the guest room as a consideration for other guests.

Pet-friendly Restaurants in Hayward, CA

When it’s time to eat, you want to find places that will welcome both your human companions and your furry ones. Neumanali and The Bistro both advertise that the patio at the establishments welcomes pets. If you enjoy local craft beer, visit Buffalo Bill’s Brewery. We recommend that you verify any pet policies with the establishment before you visit with your four-legged friend.

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Wrapping Up

Hayward, California, is located on the San Francisco Bay. You must understand the risks if you participate in outdoor activities with your pet. With a accident & illness dog insurance policy or cat insurance policy provided by Spot Pet Insurance, you can have help finding peace of mind because your pet has coverage for the eligible vet care costs for their unexpected accidents and illnesses.