Insight 7

from Sarah Hodgson

Prepare for Your Kitten's First Vet Visit

One of the most important relationships for you to establish is with your kitten’s veterinarian. To ensure a positive association, plan as many social visits as possible before your kitten's first vet visit. These should last no more than five to ten minutes and involve carrying your kitten in on a carrier or sling that’s been pre-padded with toys, catnip, pouches, and treats. If your kitten is leash- and/or clicker-trained, let them explore the waiting room. Seek out veterinarians who embrace the new science of modern cat training and encourage positive associations when caring for your cat.

When bringing your kitten to their veterinarian for a health visit, gather up familiar items to ensure they feel more secure when away from home. Bring a blanket or bed they’re comfortable with and toys and treats they’ll enjoy. Let doctors and staff know your kitten’s favorite petting zones and provide a resting mat for the exam table and special treats and toys.

The next step is to find a good health care team to ensure your kitten’s wellbeing. Misled by cats’ low-maintenance reputation, hundreds of cat parents neglect their cat’s veterinary needs, even though cats are equally susceptible to costly health conditions and accidents.


Did You Know...?
SPOT's Preventive Care coverage can help you cover the cost of kitten health care expenses like vaccinations and routine exams. It's available at just a little extra cost per month.


If you’re worried about the rising costs of veterinary care in America, you’re not alone. It used to be that veterinarians could set up shop in a garage or barn. Nowadays, their hospitals are held to the same standards as a doctor’s office. With animal science on the rise, there are so many opportunities for your veterinarian to cure your pet’s accidents and ailments with the latest in modern science. While that’s great news, this standard of care also comes with a high price tag.

So what’s the answer? Human-grade health care needs to come with human-grade insurance. You can’t have one without the other. Having pet insurance gives you the peace of mind that no matter what lies ahead, you’ll have a partner in covering your pet’s healthcare costs. SPOT Pet Insurance may be able to cover your qualified vet visits and annual exams. At SPOT, we’re all pet lovers, first and foremost. We believe in a team approach to taking care of your pet’s health; we want to be a part of that journey.

Kittenhood Insights

SPOT is thrilled to provide these kitten-raising insights from Sarah Hodgson, author, trainer, and pet behavior expert. Offering an alternative to the reactive/dominance-based approach, Sarah encourages her audience to look at the world through their kitten's eyes, using food and fun to encourage cooperation and connection.

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Guest written by Sarah Hodgson, a renowned author, pet trainer, and IAABC-certified associate applied pet behavior consultant.