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You'll receive our pet emergency plan including a downloadable pet emergency form and an emergency pet kit checklist.

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Why is pet emergency preparedness important?

Large-scale emergencies happen each year. Following a few simple steps can help prepare you should you need to respond with a sudden evacuation or are separated from your pet due to a natural disaster or medical emergency.

According to American Humane, “Each year, approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States, and millions of those end up in the nation’s animal shelters."1

Have a plan and reduce the risk of separation and stress. Many of us have a preparedness plan for ourselves in case of crisis or natural disasters, but if your pet doesn't have one yet, now is the time.

What is in a pet emergency preparedness plan?

SPOT’s pet emergency preparedness plan lays out the essentials for emergency preparation an easy-to-use checklist. Make planning for the unknown a little less...unknown. recommends having your kit and pet emergency form ready before you need them. While these items are especially needed during bad weather seasons, it's a good idea for all pet parents to take these measures so pets are prepared for everyday emergencies, too.

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Natural disasters that are known to separate pets from their parents


In 2016, it's estimated that 88,700 pets were lost or separated from their pet families. The event lead the way to the passing of Pet Evacuation Bill.


Pets can be separated from their families during tornados, too, and without proper identification, the chances of being reunited with their family are slim.


According to the American Veterinary Association, more than 500,000 pets are affected each year.


In search of safety, family pets can be lost during flood and rainstorms each year.

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Sources 1) *Employees get a 10% employee discount and a 10% multi-pet discount if adding additional pets.