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Common Golden Retriever Health Conditions

Golden Retrievers are popular pets for a reason. These dogs are renowned for their gentle and kind natures, making them a great fit for families with young kids. Goldens also love to play and spend time outdoors and would be a great fit for active people or families. However, there are a few health conditions Golden Retrievers can be prone to developing, and as a pet parent, you may want to be aware of them.

Common health conditions may include:

Health Condition


Potential Cost of Treatment



$500 - $10,000

Hip Dysplasia


$500 - $13,000

Elbow Dysplasia


$1,500 - $4,000



$1,500 - $5,000

Why Get Your Golden Retriever Pet Insurance?

Even pet parents with the most watchful eye can't guarantee that their Golden will never have an accident and become injured, or fall sick. This is where pet insurance can provide support. With a Spot Pet Insurance plan, pet parents can receive up to 90% cash back on eligible veterinary expenses, helping make sure their pet can receive the treatment they need with less worry about the cost. To learn more about the biggest benefits of pet insurance, and how pet insurance works, visit our blog.


Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a common condition in Golden Retriever and occurs when the hip joint does not develop or fit as it should. Hip Dysplasia can cause deterioration of the joint and loss of function. Multiple factors can cause a dog to develop hip dysplasia, these include; genetics, unbalanced nutrition, and certain types of exercise.

Potential Cost of Treatment: $13,000

Spot plans reimburse up to: $11,7005

Their kind, playful natures, and wide smiles make Golden Retrievers a popular choice with families looking to bring home a new pet. Enrolling your new Golden in a pet insurance plan is a great way to help ensure that you have added financial support if they become ill or injured. Spot plans help provide pet parents with peace of mind through the tough times, allowing pet parents to focus on caring for their Golden. Learn more about the costs that come with having a Golden Retriever.

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5Hypothetical reimbursement example illustrates reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at a 90% reimbursement rate, assuming that the annual deductible has already been met and the annual limit has not yet been satisfied. Coverage and reimbursements vary based on individual plan options.