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Coronavirus and Your Pet

March 5, 2020 by The Spot Pack

The Good, The Bad, The Coronavirus & Your Pet

We've seen the impact and chaos COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has caused on society: overcrowded hospital rooms, empty shelves at grocery stores, people advised not to leave their homes. But have you considered how this pandemic has affected pets around the globe? Find out what we are seeing when it comes to Coronavirus and your pet.

Take China as an example. Thousands of pets were left home alone when their owners went into lockdown or were hospitalized. Many left just enough food and water to get them by, assuming they'd be home by now. It's been almost a month since they’ve evacuated, and they have yet to return home to their abandoned animals.

Around 50,000 pets have been abandoned in Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus first infected a human.* Although there is no way to know the exact number, many of those pets will never see their owners again. All due to the deaths caused by COVID-19.

Abandoned dogs due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

CNN recently reported that many of those pets were found clinging for their life. Some animal advocates are even breaking into Wuhan's homes to provide food for these starving pets.

It's sad to think that so many pet owners didn't have enough time to create an emergency plan for their furry family.

That's not the only reason to be concerned. With the media frenzy - There is growing fear within the pet parent community that pets might spread COVID-19 to their owners. These fears have caused incidents of violence and neglect toward pets’ across the globe.

In China, families are abandoning pets at alarming numbers and there are reports that cats and dogs are being put down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. And there are many instances of animals being brutally killed. Pet's should not lose their lives because their owners are misinformed.

There is limited research on the spreading of Coronavirus and Your Pet

According to findings by groups like the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), there still isn’t enough evidence supporting claims that pets can spread or contract COVID-19. Yet, you should still take proper precautions with Coronavirus and your pets in case of an emergency.

Make An Emergency Plan For Coronavirus and Your Pet(s)

Keep Your Pets Safe From Coronavirus

First things first, make sure you have a plan for your furry family. The AHS relays the message about how important it is to include your pets in emergency plans.

  • Designating a friend or family member to care for your pets
  • Researching temporary housing options for them (In case a lockdown has been ordered)
  • Compiling all vet records
  • Ensuring they are up-to-date on vaccines
  • Do not abandon your dog because of COVID-19 concerns
  • Using paw wipes after they come in from outside is a good idea to halt the spread of germs
  • Look into telemedicine services are available for minor illnesses in some veterinary clinics-List all contact information in case of an emergency
  • Make sure their collars & tags are up-to-date

Make Sure Your Furry Family's Protected During This Pandemic

Until experts know for sure, officials are telling pet parents to wash their hands before and after interacting with their animals.

During this time, it is critical to keep your furry family protected. Spot can help minimize unexpected vet bills, not just now, but year-round. Take action and get your free quote in less than 30 seconds. Stay safe pet parents!

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