Trupanion Pet Insurance Plans Vs. Spot Pet Insurance Plans Comparison

Trupanion Pet Insurance Plans Vs. Spot Pet Insurance Plans Comparison

Say you are considering a Spot plan and a Trupanion Pet Insurance plan but are not sure which to opt for. We’re here to help you find coverage that fits your pet’s individual needs. Doing your homework before you enroll your pet will help ensure you’ve picked a good pet insurance plan for your furry family member. At Spot, we're happy to compare ourselves to others because we're confident in the products we offer. Let’s take a look at what you get with a Spot Pet Insurance plan vs. a Trupanion Pet Insurance plan.

See How Spot Plans Stack Up

Both Trupanion and Spot provide cat insurance and dog insurance plans, but you'll find some key differentiators when you compare the two through our convenient comparison.

Taking in these differences and considering how they would play out in your individual pet parent situation can help select a plan that best fits the needs of your dog or cat.

Here are some of the main differences between Trupanion plans and what Spot plans:

  • Trupanion plans don't cover exam fees for covered conditions

  • Trupanion plan deductibles must be met for each new condition

  • Trupanion planss’ illness waiting period is 30 days, while Spot plans' is 14 days

  • Trupanion plans don't have a multi-pet discount

  • Trupanion doesn't provide Preventive Care coverage options or Accident-Only coverage plans

The chart below looks at some of the core features of each providers’ plans. Keep reading for more on what those differentiators will mean for you as a customer.

Competitor Comparison

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Multi Pet Discount

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Preventive Care

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Dental Illness

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Hereditary & Congenital Conditions

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One Annual Deductible

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No Upper Age Limit

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Chronic Conditions

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Behavioral Issues

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Alternative Therapies

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Exam Fees

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Prescription Foods

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1. Trupanion plans don't cover exam fees for covered conditions. Spot plans do.

Trupanion plans don’t cover exam fees for covered conditions

With pet insurance plans provided by Spot, you can get coverage for exam fees for covered conditions.

2. Trupanion plans per-condition deductibles vs. Spot plans annual deductibles

With a Trupanion policy, you must meet your deductible each time your pet is diagnosed with a new condition.

Spot plans have an annual deductible. After you meet your selected deductible amount for the policy year, you will be reimbursed for eligible expenses for the rest of the policy year.

3. Trupanion plans have a 30-day waiting period for illnesses; Spot plans waiting period for illnesses is 14 days.

Trupanion plans' illness coverage waiting period is 30 days. Any condition that your pet develops or is diagnosed with during that 30-day waiting period is considered a pre-existing condition and not eligible for coverage.

On the contrary, Spot accident & illness plans' waiting period is 14 days. There is no waiting period for the add-on Preventive Care coverage options that Spot offers for an additional cost.

4. Trupanion plans don't offer a multi-pet discount. Spot plans do.

Do you have multiple pets? Ask many pet owners. They’ll share that one furry friend simply isn’t enough!

If you add a second, third, fourth, etc., pet to your plan, you will need to pay the full premium price for each of them with Trupanion policies. This goes for Trupanion dog insurance plans as well as Trupanion cat insurance plans.

With Spot plans, all addtional pet's after the first get a 10 percent multi-pet discount.

5. Trupanion plans don't offer preventive care coverage options or accident-only coverage plans.

Trupanion offers an Accident & Illness plan with the optional add-on of "Recovery and Complementary Care" to provide coverage for alternative wellness treatments. There are no options for Accident-Only coverage plans or Preventive Care coverage with Trupanion.

This is not the case with Spot. In addition to offering Accident & Illness coverage plans, Spot has an Accident-Only coverage plan option that is a good choice for those looking for a lower-cost premium option to cover just injuries.

Spot also has Preventive Care coverage options that you can add to your plan for an additional cost. Preventive coverage provides you with a set annual amount of coverage for routine care like vaccinations and teeth cleanings.

Help with stressful vet bills

Spot plans include coverage for acupuncture, hydrotherapy and chiropractic treatments that are prescribed to treat covered conditions. They also cover behavioral problems, and they don’t have upper age limits for older pets.

Reach out today to learn more about enrolling your pet in a Spot plan.


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