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Compare Pet Insurance Providers

Shopping around? Compare pet insurance providers in one easy place.

When looking for a pet insurance provider, there are many differences to be mindful of. Before you select a provider, make sure you get a good idea of:

  1. The types of coverage offered (Does the provider offer Accident & Illness, Accident-Only, and Routine or Preventive Care coverage options?)
  2. What's included with coverage (Does the provider reimburse for exam fees, alternative therapies, and prescriptions?)
  3. Customization options (Does the provider modify reimbursement rate, annual limit, and deductible?)

We've outlined the key differences between SPOT and other top providers when it comes to coverage, inclusions, and customization. We offer some of the most customizable plans and comprehensive coverage options, so we're happy to go side-by-side with our fellow providers.

Click on the providers below to see how they stack up next to SPOT coverage.