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Cesar Millan Announces Partnership with Spot Pet Insurance

January 20, 2020 by The Spot Pack
Cesar Millan with Dogs on Bench

You may know me from my best-selling books or TV shows in which I share my techniques for rehabilitating dogs and training people to be calm, mindful pack leaders. I've spent the last 25+ years passing on the skills of living in harmony with dogs, sharing lessons that evolved from insights gained growing up working with dogs on my grandfather’s farm.

Now I'm crossing a new horizon, helping people protect their pets so they can lead longer, happier lives. If you're anything like me, when your pet is suffering, you'll do just about anything to heal them—no matter the cost. The reality is vet bills are expensive, and often unexpected. That's what drove me to take action.

I’m excited to have joined forces with Spot Pet Insurance. The solution to helping make sure your pet gets the proper medical attention they deserve without breaking the bank. It’s our duty as pet parents to make sure our family receives proper medical attention. Their loyalty is pure instinct. They deserve the same loyalty in return.

Cesar Millan
Spot Chairman

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