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Cesar Millan on Why Social Distancing Benefits Dogs

March 25, 2021 by The Spot Pack
Cesar Millan on CNN

The Pandemic and Pets

CNN interviewed Cesar Millan on how the pandemic, and the return to "normal" after the pandemic, affects pets. In particular, how dogs may need to re-adjust to being home alone when pet parents start commuting back to an office and how they react when guests are invited back into their isolated homes.

Cesar Millan strongly believes in the importance of sufficient exercise for dogs so that they have balanced energy and are more able to listen and relax in new circumstances. He also believes that social distancing has been a great "pro" for dogs during the pandemic, perhaps something we should carry back into normal life with us for the sake of our canines.

One of Cesar Millan's key pillars in working with dogs is respect: Asking dogs to respect humans and showing the dogs respect in turn. Oftentimes, we humans approach a dog without gauging if the animal really wants us to be in their space. Social distancing, which requires us to keep at least 6 feet away from others (and the pets they may be walking) has given dogs a buffer zone that we didn't always respect before.

Making sure our pets get enough exercise and continuing to respect their space–two of the many things pet parents can keep in mind as they transition out of quarantine with their furry friends alongside them.

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