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Pet Safety

SPOT is all about helping protect your pet. Check out our advice for keeping your pet safe.

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7 Tips for Care After Spaying Your Dog or Cat

By SPOT Pet Insurance | June 3, 2021

Tips to help you prepare for getting your pet spayed and keep them comfortable as they heal.

9 Signs of Overheating in Dogs

By SPOT Pet Insurance | May 25, 2021

Know these 9 signs of overheating in dogs. Plus, how to avoid overheating and how to cool pups off.

Benefits of Microchipping Your Pet

By SPOT Pet Insurance | April 22, 2021

How and why to microchip your pets.

Flea and Tick Prevention: Vet Q&A

By SPOT Pet Insurance | April 13, 2021

We talk to a vet about flea and tick prevention and safety.

8 Silly Pet Moments that Turned into Pet Emergencies

By SPOT Pet Insurance | April 1, 2021

Pets are lovable for their carefree nature, but sometimes carefree means expensive.

My Cat Ate Marijuana! Now What?

By SPOT Pet Insurance | March 25, 2021

If your cat accidentally ingests THC or marijuana, they can experience uncomfortable and even dangerous symptoms.

Tips for Introducing a New Pet to Your Pet Family

By SPOT Pet Insurance | March 16, 2021

Tips for preparing your home for the addition of a second pet.

Dangerous Signs & Symptoms of Pet Poisoning

By SPOT Pet Insurance | March 4, 2021

Accidental pet poisoning is a common cause for emergency vet visits. Take precautions and know the signs.

Best Practices for Dogs in the Workplace

By SPOT Pet Insurance | January 28, 2021

Best practices for successful canine coworker interactions!

Clothes on Animals: Cute or Cruel?

By SPOT Pet Insurance | January 14, 2021

What to consider before dressing up your pet.

5 Ways to Keep You and Your Pet Safe During COVID

By SPOT Pet Insurance | December 17, 2020

While pets are not likely to contract COVID-19, there are still added safety measures that pet parents can take to help avoid exposure.

Can My Dog Eat Turkey?

By SPOT Pet Insurance | November 24, 2020

Make sure you know which parts of the feast your pet can and cannot partake in this holiday season.

Service Dog Etiquette

By SPOT Pet Insurance | October 27, 2020

What you should know about the different types of certified service dogs and how to behave around them.

Is Human Food Bad for Dogs? 7 Foods Dogs Should Avoid

By SPOT Pet Insurance | September 29, 2020

Some of the foods humans eat can also be nutritious for dogs. However, there are some foods you may not be aware of that are toxic to dogs.

Skin Cancer in Dogs

By SPOT Pet Insurance | September 24, 2020

Can dogs get skin cancer? What are the symptoms of skin cancer and what can you do to help prevent skin cancer in your dog?


How to Keep Your Pets Warm in Cold Weather

By SPOT Pet Insurance | November 21, 2019

Prepare the entire family for ‘Ol Man Winter, so your pet doesn’t wind up with a dry skin condition.


Leaving Dogs on Their Own

By SPOT Pet Insurance | September 10, 2019

You leave your house and come home to total destruction – courtesy of your loving dog.

Keep Your Pets Safe In The Car

Keep Your Pets Safe in the Car

By SPOT Pet Insurance | September 10, 2019

To minimize your distraction and keep your pets safe while driving, follow our safety tips.

Best and Safest Toys for Dogs

Safest Toys for Dogs

By SPOT Pet Insurance | September 10, 2019

Toys give your dog mental and physical stimulation, fight boredom, relieve stress and provide comfort. But you have to be careful when choosing your pup’s playthings.