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Pet Safety

SPOT is all about helping protect your pet. Check out our advice for keeping your pet safe.

Dog looking at tea and cookies on table

Is Human Food Bad for Dogs? 7 Foods Dogs Should Avoid

Some of the foods humans eat can also be nutritious for dogs. However, there are some foods you may not be aware of that are toxic to dogs.

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Beagle Sitting on Sidewalk

Skin Cancer in Dogs

Can dogs get skin cancer? What are the symptoms of skin cancer and what can you do to help prevent skin cancer in your dog?

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Dog eating berry pastry

Can My Dog Eat Fruit?

Some fruits make a nutritious addition to your pup’s diet. Read on about the top 5 fruits to feed dogs.

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Dogs with Umbrella Graphic

What’s In A Pet Emergency Kit?

Tips to help prepare your pet for an emergency: keep information and tags up to date, have a grab bag, etc.

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Dog and Dog Bowl

Help! My Dog Ate My Pills!

Pet poisoning due to the ingestion of human pills is common and can be very serious.

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Depressed Dog?

We adore our dogs so when their behavior or mood is “off” or they seem unhappy, it’s devastating.

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How Important are Annual Vaccines for Your Dog & Cat?

People often wonder if vaccinations for their pets are actually necessary. The quick answer is yes, they most definitely are.

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Emergency Room Vet Visits

Frequently asked questions about pet emergency vet visits and what our insurance policy covers.

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Is Fresh Dog Food Worth the Hype?

There are pros and cons to fresh dog food and kibble. But this debate begins with the question: What do you think is best for your dog?

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traveling with a pet

Traveling With A Pet

Make sure you take the proper precautions to calm your furry companion before take-off. Here are tips to keep your pet calm during travel.

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healthy pet paws

5 Tips for Healthy Pet Paws

Maintaining proper paw care doesn’t have to be a challenge. Here are simple tricks to keep your pet’s paws healthy all year long!

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my dog at an edible

My Dog Ate an Edible! Now What?

But what exactly happens when your dog accidentally eats an edible, and what’s the best way to handle it? Here’s what to do.

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Need flea & tick medication

Is Monthly Flea & Tick Medication Important?

Is putting your pet on a monthly flea & tick medication essential for your pet’s wellbeing? Well, let’s see what we are up against.

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Leash & Collar

How to Pick The Right Leash & Collar for Your Dog

There are so many different types of leashes and collars; options can be overwhelming. So, which leash and collar are the best for your dog? Find out!

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new year's

Keep Your Pet Safe This Holiday Season

Avoid cat-connected catastrophes, and dog-related dilemmas this holiday season. Learn how to involve your furry family in this years holiday festivities!

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