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Pets: They’re not a choice but a lifestyle.

The Golden Retriever Dog Works With The Owner.

Working from Home with Your Dog?

Working from home with a pet can be rewarding, but also distracting. Set boundaries to have the best WFH experience with your pet.

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Vet with customer holding dog

Mobile Vets

Mobile vets could be the answer for pet parents needing an alternative to in-person visits during social distancing. SPOT covers them.

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Holistic Cat Massage Treatment

Holistic Pet Care

Taking a holistic pet care approach can help dogs and cats lead longer, healthier lives (ideally, it can lead to fewer vet bills and stress, too).

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Pomeranian and Cash

Annual Cost of a Dog

Estimates for the lifetime cost of man’s best friend are between $17K – $90K+. Expenses that current & future dog parents should consider.

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Puppy or Dog?

Bringing a new dog into your home is a big decision. Consider time, finances, and lifestyle when deciding whether to get a puppy or an older dog.

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Puppy chasing ball in field

Puppy Games

Certified pet behaviorist and consultant Sarah Hodgson shares her favorite puppy games to help create a fun learning environment for your dog.

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Woman with Laptop and Dog on Bed

National “Work Like a Dog” Day

SPOT sees your hard work. Our Employer Benefits program lets businesses partner with us so their employees can get a discount on plans.

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Pet Spas

Does your pup need a spa day? It’s no question that as a society, we’re dog-obsessed, but did you know there are actual spas and spa services just dogs?

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traveling with a pet

Traveling With A Pet

Make sure you take the proper precautions to calm your furry companion before take-off. Here are tips to keep your pet calm during travel.

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Leash & Collar

How to Pick The Right Leash & Collar for Your Dog

There are so many different types of leashes and collars; options can be overwhelming. So, which leash and collar are the best for your dog? Find out!

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Pet New Year's Resolutions

Pet New Year’s Resolutions

Health and happiness of our pets should be among our top priorities for the New Year ahead. Start with 8 New Year’s resolutions for you and your pet!

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Bringing Home A New Pet

Before you bring home your new family member, make sure that you prepare for what’s to come. From supplies to housebreaking, here’s a quick guide on welcoming a new furry companion to your family.

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5 Tips on How to Enjoy Thanksgiving with Your Pet

Feel comfortable introducing your pet to family and friends this holiday season with these 5 tips.

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How to Keep Your Pets Warm in Cold Weather

Prepare the entire family for ‘Ol Man Winter, so your pet doesn’t wind up with a dry skin condition.

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What to Know About Your Therapy Dog

Quick tips on how to know the difference between therapy and service dogs.

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