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Dog Tips

Every dog comes with its own quirks. Read below on how to care for your canine.

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Black pug laying on the ground

The Cost of Dog Diabetes

We’re breaking down the frequently asked questions about diabetes in dogs and the related costs.

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Young dog being pet

Why Adopt a Shelter Dog?

Considering getting a dog? 11 Reasons to adopt a shelter dog.

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The Golden Retriever Dog Works With The Owner.

Working from Home with Your Dog?

Working from home with a pet can be rewarding, but also distracting. Set boundaries to have the best WFH experience with your pet.

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Dog looking at tea and cookies on table

Is Human Food Bad for Dogs? 7 Foods Dogs Should Avoid

Some of the foods humans eat can also be nutritious for dogs. However, there are some foods you may not be aware of that are toxic to dogs.

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Beagle Sitting on Sidewalk

Skin Cancer in Dogs

Can dogs get skin cancer? What are the symptoms of skin cancer and what can you do to help prevent skin cancer in your dog?

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Yawning Cat Showing Teeth

Pet Dental Care Cost

Taking proper care of your pet’s teeth can help you avoid costly illnesses and extractions.

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Dog eating berry pastry

Can My Dog Eat Fruit?

Some fruits make a nutritious addition to your pup’s diet. Read on about the top 5 fruits to feed dogs.

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Pomeranian and Cash

Annual Cost of a Dog

Estimates for the lifetime cost of man’s best friend are between $17K – $90K+. Expenses that current & future dog parents should consider.

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Puppy or Dog?

Bringing a new dog into your home is a big decision. Consider time, finances, and lifestyle when deciding whether to get a puppy or an older dog.

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Dog and Dog Bowl

Help! My Dog Ate My Pills!

Pet poisoning due to the ingestion of human pills is common and can be very serious.

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Puppy chasing ball in field

Puppy Games

Certified pet behaviorist and consultant Sarah Hodgson shares her favorite puppy games to help create a fun learning environment for your dog.

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Collar or Harness?

Some dogs pull or yank making walking them very difficult. While big dogs are more likely to pull, some small dogs pull, too, often to the point of choking themselves.

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dog walking risks

Dog Walking Risks & Dangers

Walking your pup seems like a safe and healthy activity for both you and your pooch. And it is, for the most part.

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Is Your Dog Happy?

A happy dog is a healthy dog! We know how much you love your good boy (or girl) and how important their happiness is to you.

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Is Your Dog Anxious?

We all know dogs that have major episodes of anxiety circumstantially, like during thunderstorms or fireworks. But what about dogs that just always seem somewhat on edge?

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