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Whether you’re a golden retriever guru, a pug pro, or a lab lover, SPOT has you covered.

Great Dane and Small Dog
Pit Bull looking out window

What Are the Most Common Pit Bull Health Issues?

Pit Bulls are predisposed to certain conditions, and it’s wise to keep watch for these more typical health issues.

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Maine Coon Cat

What Color are Maine Coon Cats?

Are you a Maine Coon cat lover? Or interested in adopting one? The beautiful Maine Coon cat comes in a range of colors.

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Poodle Mix Dog in Yard

Doodles and ‘Poos

Doodles and ‘Poos, how do you choose? Key characteristics of the 5 most popular poodle mixes to help you decide.

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Bengal cat chin scratch

Are Bengal Cats Good Pets?

Are Bengal cats good pets? 6 things to know about Bengal cats if you’re considering getting one.

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Do your kids want a dog?!

Growing up with a dog is great for kids. Not only does a dog teach responsibility, but your kids will benefit from their loyalty, unconditional love, and affection.

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