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Can You Give Puppies Milk?

April 10, 2020 by The Spot Pack
can you give puppies milk

Find Out if You Can Give Puppies Milk

Are you caring for a newborn pup and wondering if you can give puppies milk? Here's everything you need to know about puppies and milk. If your puppy is younger than six weeks, and still requires milk as it cannot eat solids or kibbles yet.

Can you give puppies milk?

Newborn puppies that are six weeks and under need a very particular diet for their fragile growing bodies. Problems will occur later in life if the puppy is deprived of the proper nutrients.

Under no condition should you feed your puppy cow's milk, as dogs are lactose-intolerant, and dairy can cause diarrhea and dehydration. You should also avoid human store-bought milk replacer that's used since they can give your puppy diarrhea, states WebMD.

Your puppy should only consume milk that is formulated specifically for them. If you're concerned about which puppy formula is best for your dog, ask your vet for recommendations.

After seven weeks of feeding your puppy formula, it's advised to begin weaning. Once weaning begins, the replacement beverage is the same that we rely on—water.

Make sure your pup always has access to a bowl of water throughout the day. It's essential for dogs to still have ample drinking water close to them, from the puppy stage throughout their entire lives. You always want to avoid dehydration not just for dogs—but for all animals.

Successful Pet Parenting

You don't have to look far for puppy formula; vets often keep dog milk replacements in case of emergencies. Your vet will also point you in the right direction to stock up on milk replacer.

Adopting a new furry friend brings so much joy into our lives. But, having a puppy isn't always fun and games. Puppies, especially newborns are in a very vulnerable state. This is the most crucial time to see a veterinarian. Small issues, like fevers, digestive issues, and inadequate feeding can lead to problems with health that can quickly progress.

If you aren't sure about how to best care for the puppies, or are concerned about their health, head to your vet immediately for help. Spot is here to help make pet parenting less worrisome. Make sure your pup gets the proper medical attention. Your free Spot quote is less than 30 seconds away.

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