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Japanese Spitz

Japanese Spitz


Japanese Spitz is a pure white, small to medium breed of Japan which is very much loyal and devoted it’s the parents.

Lifetime Care

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12 – 18




Luxating Patella

of dogs

What is it?:

Luxating Patella is a condition where the kneecap moves out of its grove and causes pain and discomfort.

Clinical signs

The clinical symptoms of this condition may include -

  • Stiffness in the leg

  • Skipping and jumping to slide the kneecap back in its place

  • Changes in the walk of the dog

  • Discomfort or pain while walking


The treatment for luxating patella depends on the severity of the medical condition. The treatment for luxating patella is:

  • Administering pain relief medications will help reduce the discomfort, pain and swelling

  • Physical therapy could be given to dogs, to strengthen their muscles and make sure the knee cap does not snap out of place.

  • A realignment surgery is recommended in severe cases where there is a lot of pain and movement of the dog is difficult.

Average vet bill for Luxating Patella


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*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.



of dogs

What is it?

It is a kind of ear infection that is often caused by the carelessness of the owner while giving a bath. It happens when the water enters the vertical canal of the dog and finds no way to come out. This then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria causing infection in the ear.

Clinical signs

This disease can be very severe which can lead to consequences as serious as complete deafness. The symptoms which indicate the presence of infection are -

  • Frequent shaking of the head

  • Scratching the affected ear

  • Dark discharge from either ear

  • Bad odor from ears

  • Redness and swelling at the ear canal.

  • Pain

  • Itchiness around the affected area

  • Crusting or scabs in the ears


The first steps here will be to clean the affected ear thoroughly using a medicated ear cleanser. A topical medication may be recommended by the vet. Apart from these, oral medications like antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications may be used to reduce the inflammation and spread of the infection. A surgery might be needed in severe cases, mandating it to removing the ear canal to prevent the further spread of the infection.

Average vet bill for Otitis


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*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.



With a lot of energy, these dogs are very active and playful and love to be outdoors


Despite the small size, Japanese Spitzs are known to be very courageous and protective of their owners


They are very human-friendly and love to be around them, especially kids.

Lifetime Care


It is a double coat with a soft inner one and a thick, generous and a pure white outer coat


Japanese Spitz comes exclusively in white and no other color




The long-thick coat, which they shed twice per year will need daily brushing at the time of shedding. Otherwise, a weekly brush and an occasional bath would work fine, thanks to the Teflon coat which doesn’t allow dirt and mud to stick. Do not forget to trim the nails periodically though.


This active breed of dog would need a regular course of activities to burn its energy. On the training front, it will be very easy as they are very eager to please humans. Early socialization and training is recommended.

The Japanese Spitz is a result of a combination of a lot of Spitzs including the German Spitz. It has traveled a major part of the world in the process of breeding to create better and improved versions. They do look like the American Eskimo Dog and the Samoyed. This is the reason the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize the breed. They are also the cousins of the white Pomeranians. The size of the Japanese Spitz can vary in different parts of the world.

Japanese Spitz: Introduction to the Breed

Having bred from a lot of different breeds across the world, including Japanese Dog Breeds, the breed has developed certain distinguishable physical features from which one can identify it.

Some of the notable and distinct physical characteristics of Japanese Spitz include:

  • Pure white and long fur

  • Long tail heavily covered with long fur

  • Mane-like fur at the neck

  • Curly tail at the back

Japanese Spitz is best suited for:

Things to watch out for before deciding to own a Japanese Spitz

  • They are low maintenance as such in terms of grooming. But they do tend to shed twice a year, during which time a regular brushing will be needed

  • You won’t be able to keep him/her away for a long time. They need humans around all the time.

  • They are calm in general but when they bark, be sure that almost your entire neighborhood is going to be able to hear

  • They are extremely friendly as a breed, which makes them scoreless on the watchdog and guard category

  • You won’t be able to keep the girls away as your dog’s beautiful white coat will attract each one of passing Byers

  • The dog won’t let you be sad for a long time as its beautiful smile and playful nature will force you to smile and forget your worries

What should a Japanese Spitz eat?

As a pet owner, your responsibility is high towards maintaining a good diet for your dog as it will decide whether the dog will live a healthy life or not. In the case of Japanese Spitz, you will have to start with 3 meals a day till they are 4 months of age, make it 2 then till 8 months, and then 1 meal after that. Dry puppy food along with occasional raw bones, chicken wings, necks, etc. can be given.


The beautiful, pure white, happy-go-lucky dogs, Japanese Spitz are a very warm and loving breed of dogs. They will love to spend time with you, cuddle with you and keep making you happy with their beautiful smile. They might bark loudly at times but you should not scold them for that because they work better on rewards. Once you get a Japanese Spitz home, it’ll be very difficult for you to stay sad for a long time.

Happy Mood and Health to your Doggo and lots of Love and Licks to you!