The Singapura cat is a smaller-than-average cat known for its big saucer-like eyes. They have muscular bodies with large ears and silky coats.

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What is it?:

Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot properly produce or respond to the hormone insulin. This increases the level of glucose in the blood.

Clinical signs

The clinical symptoms of this condition may include -

  • Increase in urination

  • Cat may start losing weight

  • Increase in thirst

  • Vomiting

  • Weakness in the body

  • Poor quality of the coat

  • Muscle wasting


The treatment of diabetes is to give insulin injections to the cat twice a day or once a day depending on the results. In some cases, oral medication is given but it is said to be less effective, injections are preferred over medications.

Average vet bill for Diabetes


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*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.


Renal Failure

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What is it?:

Renal Failure is a condition where the cat’s kidneys do not function at their total capacity due to tumors, infections, or ingesting something toxic.

Clinical signs

The symptoms of Renal Failure are:

  • Vomiting

  • Bad breath

  • Loss of weight

  • Diarrhea

  • Weakness in the body or lethargy

  • Dehydration and excessive thirst

  • Lack of appetite


  • Intravenous fluids for reducing dehydration

  • Vitamin injections and supplements

  • Surgery may be performed to remove the blockage

  • The cat may be put on a kidney diet that is low in both phosphorus and protein and is enriched with vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids.

Average vet bill for Renal Failure


Reimbursement Rate

Amount a Spot accident & illness plan would cover*


Your Net payment


*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.



The Singapura cat is extremely friendly, even with strangers. They enjoy being around their owners and will often cuddle in their laps.


They have an active personalities and can often run around the house, climb heights or just be curious about everything.


They are very intelligent and love to explore. They typically do not like to be left alone and can be destructive if bored.

Lifetime Care


Singapura has a coat with short silky hair.


The Singapura comes in only one color, brown with a yellowish ivory tint. They have a ticked tabby pattern, with dark brown spots over light, cream-colored fur.




The Singapura does not shed much and has little grooming requirements. Their coat needs to be brushed once every two weeks. Their nails require occasional trimming. Their ears need to be cleaned as well occasionally. As they do a good job at cleaning themselves they do not need frequent baths.


The Singapura are intelligent creatures. They can be quick learners and love to please their owners. They can also be taught tricks. They respond well to clicker training and love physical as well as mental challenges as they are very curious in nature.

Singapura: Introduction to the Breed

The Singapura is a cross between the Burmese and Abyssinian cat breeds. Their name comes from the Malaysian word for Singapore itself which is where their roots lie. They were bought from a shelter in Singapore to America. These cats were called the: drain cats of Singapore”.

Singapura Cat Physical Characteristics:

  • Broad muzzle

  • Blunt nose

  • Saucer-shaped brilliant green, hazel, or yellow eyes

  • Muscular legs

Singapura Cat Best suited for pet owners:

  • Who are active and can play with them

  • Who have children

  • Who wants an affectionate pet

Things to know before deciding to own a Singapura

  • They do not like loud noises and may not fit in neighborhoods or households with a lot of kids.

  • They do not do well when left alone and may become lonely, and sad and stop the interaction.

  • This breed can be vocal and let you know if they dislike something.

  • As it's a small-sized cats they need to be kept indoors, to protect them from stray cats or dogs outdoors.

What to feed a Singapura

As a Singapura is a smaller cat compared to the other breeds, they require less food. Singapura needs quality cat food with proteins like chicken or salmon. Their wet and dry food should have taurine which is good for energy and maintaining their health. The food given to them should not have many carbohydrates like wheat and corn. They can be given natural and healthy treats.

What are Singapura cats known for?

Singapore is known for being highly energetic, playful, and intelligent. They are even active after the age of 2 years. They are dog-like and love a good game of fetch!

Is Singapura cat friendly?

Singapura cats are complete extroverts and love to play with their humans. They love to interact with strangers. They are also good with strangers as well as other pets.


Singapura is a great companion. They love to be involved in everything and will be by your side. They are the best cuddlers and their big eyes will melt your heart. They are very active and curious and love exploring. They serve to be great house pets as they are tiny and will move around the house finding nooks and corners to climb. They are tiny creatures that need to be handled with care but they have the biggest hearts and love to mingle with other pets and children as well.

Happy Mood and Health to your Cat and Lots of Purrrss to you!