Havana Brown

Havana Brown


The Havana Brown is an all-brown rare cat breed with oval-shaped bright green eyes and a muscular body. They have triangular heads with slender tails. A calm and not very talkative breed with a balanced temperament is how one can describe a Havana Brown.

Lifetime Care

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Feline Panleukopenia

of cats

What is it?

Feline Panleukopenia is an infectious, highly contagious disease that can lead to death in cats. The virus suppresses the production of all white blood cells in the bone marrow. These cells are important to the immune system and are used to fight infection. Without them, the cat is vulnerable to spreading the virus. In cats that are not vaccinated and have not been properly diagnosed and treated, it is most often fatal.

Clinical signs

  • Loss of weight

  • Dehydration

  • The cat can collapse

  • Loss of appetite

  • Feverish nature

  • Bruising in the skin or gums

  • Chronic vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Weakness in the body

  • Lethargy


There are different ways to treat Feline Panleukopenia. Intravenous fluids may be given for dehydration. Prescription medicines may be given for vomiting and diarrhea. Secondary bacterial infections due to low white blood cell count may be treated with antibiotic therapy. Using plasma/blood transfusions and anticoagulant therapies is necessary for the resuscitation of kittens and cats in shock or with severe infections

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*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.



of cats

What is it?

Arthritis is a condition that causes pain in the joints, which can make movement for the cat difficult. Arthritis is a progressive disease that cannot be cured but can be managed with proper treatment.

Clinical signs

The clinical symptoms of this condition may include -

  • Limping occasionally due to stiffness in the legs

  • Hesitance to jump from surfaces

  • Your pet may be irritable

  • Lethargy

  • Weakness in the body

  • May sleep more often than usual

  • Reduction in activity

  • They may face difficulty using the litter box


Arthritis is not a curable disease but there are multiple ways to treat it and help keep it in check. Pain medications may be given to the cat for discomfort. Acupuncture treatment is where needles are placed at specific points in the body to help relieve pain and may be recommended. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed for treatment. Cold laser therapy is a painless therapy that can be given to cats to help reduce pain and swelling. Joint supplements can also be injected to relieve the pain.

Average vet bill for Arthritis


Reimbursement Rate

Amount a Spot accident & illness plan would cover*


Your Net payment


*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.



The Havana Brown is an affectionate cat breed but can be aloof to strangers. It does not mean they do not love them but they typically only choose one master and are loyal to them.


The Havana Brown is not a typical cuddle cat, they are independent creatures with a mind of their own and can be left alone to play by themselves.


They are very playful and love to play with their families. They love any interactions with humans and also other pets.

Lifetime Care


The Havana Brown has a short-medium length coat that is shiny and soft.


Their coat is generally a deep brown with mahogany undertones. The color is more of a reddish brown than a blackish brown.




The Havana Brown does not have many grooming requirements as they do not shed a lot. Their coat needs occasional brushing to remove the loose hair and to prevent it from matting.


The Havana Brown is an intelligent cat breed but training them to perform tricks can be a difficult task. They are capable of doing something once they put their mind to it but they can be stubborn and independent in nature. Basic training like using the litter box can be achievable.

Havana Brown: Introduction to the Breed

The Havana brown is said to have its origin in Southeast Asia but was first seen in the 1890s in Britain when breeders exhibited all-brown Siamese cats. The Havana Brown name comes from the deep brown color of the cigar. This led to people believing that they originated from Cuba. They were also called Chestnut Brown for a while but the name did not last for too long and it was reverted to Havana Brown. They are on the top of the list of endangered species and are also one of the rarest breeds.

Havana Brown Physical Characteristics:

  • Bright green eyes

  • Tabby coat with markings on it

  • Triangular head

  • Muscular legs

Havana Brown  is best suited for pet owners:

  • Who wants a pet who is balanced in its temperament

  • Who may have kids

  • Who has the time to play with them

  • Who wants an affectionate pet

Things to know before deciding to own a Havana Brown

  • The Havana Brown is one of the rarest cat breeds and is difficult to find as they are endangered.

  • They also require attention and do not do very well if left alone for long hours. Hence, they are not very independent.

  • The Havana Brown may get attached to one owner and may be a loner sometimes as it only follows the owner

How rare are Havana cats?

Havana Brown cats are said to be very rare. It is believed that less than 1000 of these exist in the world. It is also a part of the endangered species of cats, they may just be at the top of that list.

Are Havana Brown cats talkative?

Havana Browns are usually not very talkative or demanding. They may sweetly meow a few things but they are not aggressive, rather, they are balanced in their temper and can be a great pet to have.


The Havana brown is a medium-sized rare cat breed with distinct green eyes. They are small affectionate cats that love to be stroked while purring peacefully. If you are looking for a low-maintenance pet that is not only independent but also affectionate then the Havana Brown is your pick! They are also very playful and are always up for a game of chasing the thread or just spending time with their owner.