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The Bambino, Italian word for ‘Baby’, is a mutated cat breed of between a Sphynx and a Munchkin. The unique features that distinguish a Bambino are short legs, upright ears and a hairless body.

Lifetime Care

Breed Profile


6 – 8



5 – 9


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9 – 15





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What is it?:

It is a common problem found in Munchkin cats where the spine curves excessively inwards, putting pressure on other organs. In extreme cases, it can be fatal as well.

Clinical signs

  • Buttocks or stomach area sticking out

  • Discomfort while lying down on stomach

  • Visible unusuality in the spine


This condition may require a surgery

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What is it?:

It is similar to the human condition where the tissues in the joints such as bones and cartilage breakdown leading to weaker muscles

Clinical signs

This problem can be genetic or can even be caused by some injury, infection or inflammation or obesity. The common signs to look out for here are

  • Reduction in mobility

  • Reduction in activities like jumping and leaping

  • Longer claws resulting because of low activities and thus low sharpening of them

  • Increased irritation or even avoidance from interaction with people in some cases


Treatment may require prescription medication

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*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.



Bambinos love to be surrounded by people and play around them.


Due to their hairless-tender skin, they are always more prone to injuries and skin scratches while playing. One needs to be very careful around them


Bambino cats are known to be one of the most vocal cats. So be ready for a lot of ‘Meows’ and ‘Purrrs’

Lifetime Care


Although hairless, there is a fine downy fur on the Bambinos


You can find a Bambino in black, white, cream, brown and fawn shades




Being hairless is prone to oil accumulation, infections and being greasy. So, a Bambino cat will need a regular bath. In most cases, once a week bath, ear and teeth cleaning would suffice. It is advised to use wipes on the non-bath days.


Bambinos can be trained easily due to their people pleasing nature. They may not be brilliant but won’t give you a hard time in giving them basic training

The Bambino breed is a comparatively newer one. It was a result of an experiment. Some animal welfare bodies have even banned the breeding of Bambinos. And unlike popular belief, some of them can have hair and even long legs.

Bambino Cat: Introduction to the Breed

It is established that the breed here is a delicate one and requires some extra care. So, it becomes very necessary that you know everything before adopting one of them. Here are a few things you need to know about the Bambino cat breed.

Bambino Cats are generally:

  • Playful and affectionate

  • Moderate in terms in energy levels

  • Sociable and great with kids

  • Low maintenance apart from their skin care

Things to watch-out before deciding to own a Bambino Cat

Although this breed scores highly on a human-friendliness matric there might be some pointers that you might want to check-out before bringing it home to your family

  • They are very prone to diseases given their hairless and delicate body

  • High chances of sunburns. A sun-coat becomes extremely necessary if you are taking them outdoors

  • Higher levels of grooming requirement

  • A controversial breed due to its genetic deformity

  • Rare and thus very costly

  • Will need a jacket in the winter

  • They eat a lot

Bambino Cats are best suited for –

What should your Bambino cat eat?

Bambino cats are by nature obligate carnivores. Thus, their meals should always be high in protein. Also, to make sure it’s given in the right proportion as you want to avoid obesity which can cause several problems including diabetes in them. 3-4 small meals would be good. The ideal diet for them should be

  • High in protein (30-35% in daily diet)

  • Low in carbohydrates

  • Moderate in fats

  • Comparatively more calories to stay warm

The food list can include

  • Lean meat like chicken

  • Turkey

  • Tuna

  • Salmon

What should your Bambino cat NOT eat?

The items not to include in its diet include


A Bambino in your house would probably be the rarest thing you own. With its blue eyes and soft-silky and hairless skin, active and playful nature, you are in for a treat. But also, to keep in mind that these cats are expensive and do need a lot of attention and care and are also very susceptible to diseases. So, if these things don’t worry you then go for it because your family is going to love it!