American Bully Dog Breed

American Bully

Gentle, Loyal, Confident

The American Bully looks very similar to a pitbull, they have a muscular physique with pointed ears and a competitively huge head.

American Bully Dog Breed


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Lifetime Care

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Breed Profile


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  • 17 – 20 inches


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  • 44 – 132 lbs


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  • 10 – 13 years

Health Risk

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Cherry eye

What is it?:

Osteosarcoma is a kind of tumor of the bone or could also be known as bone cancer. These tumors can affect any part of the body but are mostly found in the legs.

% of dogs affected


Clinical signs

The clinical symptoms of this condition may include –

  • Dryness of the eye
  • Discharge of pus in the eye
  • Inflammation of the eye
  • The eyes are itchy and uncomfortable
  • The eyes of dogs are infected by foreign matter due to a lack of tears
  • Redness in the eye
  • Dogs may squint eye due to discomfort or pain


The best way to treat a cherry eye in American Bully is by treating it as soon as it is diagnosed. Chances are that If it is caught at an early stage, it can be cured with just antibiotics. If it is a little severe then the other solution is to start with antibiotics and then do a surgery. The main goal of the surgery is to save the tear gland. The surgery may take 7-10 days of recovery time. There are 2 types of surgeries. In one the bulge is tacked to the edge and in the other one a pocket is created for the tear gland.

Average Vet Bill


Amount a Spot accident & illness plan would cover*

90% = $2700

80% = $2400

70% = $2100

*Hypothetical reimbursement examples illustrate reimbursement of an eligible vet bill at the noted reimbursement rate, assuming the annual deductible had already been met.


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American Bullies love to please their owners and are obedient in nature


The breed is said to be strong and has the skill to be able to work in search and rescue teams.


The American Bullies may look like a pitbull but do not have any aggressive qualities. They are loving and family oriented. They are good with kids as well.

Lifetime Care

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American Bullies have a short coat which is very close to the body and has a shiny finish.


The American Bully are available in different colors like brown, black, white, blue, grey and red.




American Bullies have a coat which is so short that it hardly requires any grooming. All it needs is a brush or two once a week to get them going.


American bullies have a friendly personality and love to please people. Hence they are easy to train and often listen to their owners.

The American Bully is a comparatively newer breed. They came into existence in the 1980’s in the United States. They are a mix of the American Staffordshire Terrier and several bulldog-type breeds. They were bred to be a non aggressive friendly breed. They may look just like a Pitbull but they are very different in their personality and temperament.

American Bully: Introduction to the Breed

The American Bullies have 3 sizes which are pocket, standard and giant. They are good natured and often first into families easily.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Short
  • Muscular
  • Smooth and Short fur

Best suited for pet-owners:

  • Who have children
  • Who live in apartments
  • Who have an active life

Things to watch-out before deciding to own a American Bully

  • They are slightly on the expensive side and may cost between 2000$ to 5000$
  • They make great family dogs and are easy to train.
  • The American Bully requires exercise be it indoor or outdoors, It’s necessary for their good health
  • The American bullies are a physically strong breed because of their muscles and they might need a harness. This is one of the reasons why their training is necessary.
  • American bullies are brachycephalic, which is they have a flatter and shorter face due to which they might face breathing difficulties.

What should an American Bully eat?

If you want a healthy and active pet then food habits are an important part of their lifestyle. They need a healthy and balanced diet. They should be fed 2-3 meals a day. The American bully requires around 30% of proteins and 20% of fats. They should be given fresh water after every meal. There should be a balance of meals so as to make sure the dog does not become overweight.


If you are looking for a pet who fits right into your family and is low maintenance, the American Bully is the dog for you. They are great with kids and have an obedient nature. As they are people pleasers they are good at listening to their owners and also have less exercise requirements. They do not need a huge space and would happily adaptand fit into an apartment and into your hearts.

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