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Low-Cost Pet Insurance Options

October 22, 2020

Low-Cost Pet Insurance Options

Spot Low-Cost Pet Insurance Options

At SPOT, we offer two base plan options: Accident & Illness plans and Accident-Only plans. While Accident-Only plans don’t cover diseases and hereditary issues like Accident & Illness plans, they do help protect you from unexpected events and injuries.

Since Accident-Only plans cover less, the premiums can be less expensive. This is ideal for those with a hard stop on how much they can afford to pay per month, but who also know they would need help to be able to pay a large vet bill if their pet were to have an accident or injury.

What Does Accident-Only Pet Insurance Cover?

An Accident-Only plan with SPOT covers all the following when used to treat an injury or condition resulting from an accident…

  • alternative therapies

  • end of life expenses

  • intravenous (IV) fluids and medications

  • medical supplies (such as but not limited to bandages, casts and splints)

  • MRI or CT scans and X-rays

  • poison control consultation fees

  • prescription food to treat a covered condition; not for general health maintenance, or prevention, even if prescribed or dispensed by a veterinarian.

  • prescription medications prescribed by a veterinarian and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • stem cell therapy

  • supplements to treat a covered condition; not for general health maintenance, or prevention even if prescribed or dispensed by a veterinarian.

  • surgery and hospitalization

  • tooth extractions

  • veterinary Treatment, including examinations, consultations, and laboratory tests

What is “Catastrophic Coverage”?

Spot offers a wide range of customizable variables for Accident-Only plans. Adjusting your deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement rate allows you to set a premium that fits into your year-end budget.

With the right combination of customized variables on an Accident-Only plan, you can select the lowest pet insurance premium option. Specifically, choosing a higher deductible plan and/or a lower annual limit will bring the cost of your monthly premium down.

Spot Pet Insurance has higher deductible options including $500, $750, and $1,000. Low annual limit options include $2,500 and $4,000.

For example, if you enroll a 3-year old mixed cat in a cat insurance plan using the same variables, you would pay a monthly premium of $9.49. With this type of plan, you’re paying less than $10/month and still setting yourself up to get financial support in case Sprinkles ends up in the kitty ER after climbing the Christmas tree.

These high deductible options are for customers who could pay up to $750 (for example) for their pet’s healthcare, but know they would need financial help to be able to afford treatment any more expensive.

Spot Pet Insurance offers lower annual limit options for pet parents who can afford to pay a monthly premium to get $4,000 worth of coverage (for example) if there’s an emergency, but can’t build in a monthly premium for any more than that.

Affordable Pet Insurance Options

High deductible and low annual limit options allow pet parents to build monthly premiums they can sustain, which sets them up to be able to afford expensive health care for their pets in the case of a future emergency or catastrophe. Spot Pet Insurance is proud to offer these options where many competitors do not.

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