Pet Insurance with Wellness: Spot Preventive Care

Pet Insurance with Wellness: Spot Preventive Care

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Pet Insurance with Wellness

We humans understand the importance of routine health care for our wellbeing: we schedule annual check-ups, dentist appointments, and specialist visits to make sure everything is operating as it should. The same routine health care is important for cats and dogs, that’s why we offer options for pet insurance with wellness.

For optimum wellness, adult dogs and cats should go to the vet for a routine visit once a year. Puppies and kittens under four months old should go to the vet on a monthly basis. Older pets (around 7 and above for dogs, 8 and above for cats) should visit the vet twice a year.

Depending on your pet’s history and health, your vet may recommend more frequent routine visits to monitor blood results and organ function.

As part of a holistic approach to pet health, SPOT wants to help support pet parents in taking their pets for routine visits. The SPOT Preventive Care coverage, which customers can add to their base plan for a little extra cost, is meant to do just that.

Accident & Illness Coverage vs. Preventive Coverage

When you select your base pet insurance plan with SPOT, you can choose an Accident-Only Plan or an Accident & Illness Plan. Learn more about the difference between those base plans on our low-cost options blog. These plans support pet parents in paying vet treatments on covered conditions that were unexpected, like an illness or an injury that you couldn’t foresee.

These base plans reimburse customers for vet visits up to the percent selected in each customer’s custom plan. They are subject to the plan deductible and annual limit, too.

SPOT’s Preventive Care, which customers can add to an Accident/Illness Plan by paying an added cost on their premium, can be applied to planned routine wellness visits. So, you can get reimbursed for that annual vet visit according to what’s covered in your Preventive Plan (eg. dental cleanings, wellness exams, rabies vaccines, deworming. See detailed chart below).

Preventive Plans will pay up to a set amount with no reimbursement rate. There is no deductible to meet and no waiting period after enrollment, either.

What is the cost of routine vet care?

A typical annual check-up for your pet will likely include a standard wellness examination and collection of vital signs. Annual check-ups are good opportunities to discuss any abnormalities or curious habits in your pet. For this most basic office visit, you might expect a cost of $50.

Depending on your pet’s age, health, habits, and last visit, your appointment may include more tests or treatments. For example, your pet may be due for vaccination boosters, need teeth cleaning, or require a blood, heartworm, or feces test. Your bill will increase with these diagnostics, of course. A visit that includes a few of these tests can easily exceed $100.

Office Calls: $45-$55
Vaccine Boosters: $18-$25
Heartworm Tests: $45-$50
Fecal Exams: $25-$45
Dental Cleaning: $70-$400

What are the benefits of pet insurance with wellness?

When you keep up with routine wellness visits, you’re more likely to catch health concerns in your pets early. Having a plan for routine care can help you stay on top of your pet’s wellness visits.

  • You may be less likely to just skip the annual vet visit if you know you’re already allocating money to it in your pet insurance premium.
  • You may be more likely to say “yes” to getting a recommended fecal test, blood test, or booster for your pet when you have preventive pet insurance.
  • If you have young animals that require big-ticket wellness visits with vaccinations and spaying/neutering, preventive pet insurance helps with those costs.

SPOT Preventive Care options

SPOT has two options for Preventive Care: Gold and Platinum. The two plans differ in how many services they provide reimbursement for and how much customers can be reimbursed overall.

The Platinum Plan, which offers more reimbursement and covers larger ticket items like spaying and dental cleanings, is ideal for young animals who require more scheduled vet visits and procedures. The Gold Plan may be enough to cover the needs of most adult cats and dogs.


Preventive Care


Per Month

MAXIMUM ANNUAL BENEFITS Dental Cleaning$100 Wellness Exam$50 Flea/Heartworm Prevention$0 Canine DHLPP or Feline FVRCP Vaccine/Titer$20 Rabies and/or Canine Lyme or Feline FIP Vaccine/Titer$20 Canine Bordetella or Feline FELV Vaccine/Titer$0 Fecal Test$20 Canine Heartworm or Feline FELV Test$20 Blood Test$0 Urinalysis$0 Deworming$20 Health Certificate$0 Total Annual Benefit$250


Preventive Care


Per Month

MAXIMUM ANNUAL BENEFITS Dental Cleaning or Spay/Neuter$150 Wellness Exam$50 Flea/Heartworm Prevention$25 Canine DHLPP or Feline FVRCP Vaccine/Titer$25 Rabies and/or Canine Lyme or Feline FIP Vaccine/Titer$25 Canine Bordetella or Feline FELV Vaccine/Titer$25 Fecal Test$25 Canine Heartworm or Feline FELV Test$25 Blood Test$25 Urinalysis$25 Deworming$25 Health Certificate$25 Total Annual Benefit$450

Cost of Preventive Care pet insurance

The cost of SPOT’s Gold Preventive Care Plan is $9.95/month, which adds up to $119.40/year. Used to its full potential, the Gold Plan pays up to $250 in routine vet bills.

The Platinum Plan at $24.95/month comes to $299.40/year. Used to its full potential, it pays up to $450 on routine vet bills.

Should you get Preventive Care Coverage for your pet?

Not sure if getting pet insurance with wellness makes sense for you and your pet? Ask yourself a few questions…

Are you taking your pet in for a good amount of routine care? If yes, you can run the numbers on what you pay, on average, in a year of routine visits and what you would pay on a premium to get some reimbursement.

If you’re not taking your pet in for routine care, maybe this read has reminded you of the importance of regular wellness visits for your pet. Enrolling your pet in a Preventive Care plan may help hold you accountable going forward: if you’re already paying for preventive care on a monthly basis, you may be more likely to go “cash in” at the vet office.

Assess your pet’s health, age, annual vet bills, and needs and make the decision that makes the most sense for you both. You can decide to try Preventive Care for a year, and then re-assess your needs and savings at renewal.

Already have a plan with SPOT? Call to add Preventive Care at your next renewal.

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Here at Spot Pet Insurance, we do our best to provide helpful pet info. We care deeply about your pet’s health and want to be with you every step of the way. For other helpful info about pets, check out our Spot Pet Insurance webpage! Here we provide you with educational materials that can help you with toyssafetycare tips for your dogs and care tips for your cats. We also offer personalized pet insurance plan options such as dog insurance and cat insurance to help keep your pet protected in case of unexpected accidents and illnesses.



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