Mastering the Walk with Cesar Millan


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blog 03Don’t chase after your puppy with the leash—be it a simple 35¢ leash like the ones I use, a harness, or a Halti.

Make sure your puppy is in calm-submissive waiting mode beside you, and then step out the door first. Ask your puppy to follow.

Whoever leaves the dwelling first, in the puppy’s mind, is leading the excursion. You want that leader to be you.

Always begin your walks with calm, assertive energy.

What’s most important is to understand what actions are needed from you to demonstrate and maintain the position as leader for your puppy throughout the walk.

You guide the outing. To do so, you should walk just in front of your dog. If your dog wants to pull in front, keep them by your side by shortening the leash, or simply use a shorter leash.

You also control the duration of the walk, but do allow adequate time for the walk to be complete.

Only at the end of the walk comes affection for their following your lead, and at this time your puppy will show their appreciation and feel as if they’ve earned this affection.

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Table of Contents


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