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Your Energy Helps Balance Your Dog

In Cesar Millan’s work, he often emphasizes the importance and impact of energy: both your energy and your dog’s energy.

“Energy is everything”, he says. “It’s how animals communicate with each other and with us.”

Cesar Millan shares a few insights on the energetic relationship we have with our pets in the video below.

Use Your Energy as an Anchor

As the pack leader, it’s important to be an anchor for your dog by projecting calm, confident energy.

You can use words with your dog all day long, but he will be reading the energetic quality of your body, your eyes, and your voice.

In addition to getting cues from your energy, your dog will mirror your energy. That’s why checking in with your energy benefits the health of both humans and dogs. That’s how we get better pets, better humans, and a better planet.

Good Energy Acts as Preventive Care

Where preventive pet insurance can help you keep up with routine vet visits to keep your pet’s body healthy, balanced energy is like preventive medicine for the heart and mind.

Check in with the energy you are creating right now. Start there. Then stay mindful of how this energy interacts and reflects back at you next time you work with your dog. Learn more about how pet insurance from Spot can benefit your furry family today.

Happy pet parenting!

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Table of Contents


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