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Puppies begin to play practically as soon as they can walk, but even their first clumsy attempts at recreation have their own natural rules, boundaries, and limitations.

Playing with your puppy should be a big part of your bonding with them as well, but follow the example of nature and remember that play doesn’t have to equal anarchy.

Many owners think “play” means letting their puppy just go crazy. It’s better for your puppy’s education and for your own sanity that instead of being a free-for-all, a play session challenges their mind as well as their body.

Think about it-we send our kids to soccer practice, which has rules, regulations, and discipline, rather than letting their natural energy build up and cause them to tear through the house, destroying things. Both activities could be considered “play,” but one is productive, the other destructive.

There are two ways a dog will play-one from the dog side and one from the breed side. Learning to discern one from the other is the key to making play a fun and positive learning experience, as opposed to an out-of-control riot that may fuel certain unwanted breed related characteristics in your puppy.

Table of Contents


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