Walk For Animal Shelters Across The US

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Walk For Animal Shelters Across The US

walk for animal shelters

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Spot Pet Insurance is now challenging people to take a dog for a walk to raise money for animal shelters; By teaming up with Wooftrax – a year-round fundraising app that records walks taken with or without a dog.

By joining this challenge you will not only help animals across the US but also promote healthy interactions between you and your pet(s).

Each week some lucky challenge participants will win $25 for their selected WoofTrax animal shelters. One of your walks could be the grand prize-winning walk earning your chosen animal charity a $500 donation!

Remember that dogs are animals, and animals need to travel and discover the world. A big back yard is no substitute for a good walk. Master the walk and your dog will relate to you on a deeper level.

During this 100 day challenge, we will be there every step of the way giving you inspirational tips & tricks to be the best pet parent around, so be sure to check your inbox.

How The Challenge Works:

If You Don’t Have A Dog and Want to Walk For Animal Shelters:

Don’t fret! You can walk for dogs at a shelter or rescue by choosing the “Walk for Cassie” option after enrolling in the app for the first time. Or, create your dream dog as a walking companion by adding a dog.

Be sure your family is protected before you join the challenge!

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Table of Contents


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