Get to Know Your Customer Day

Get to Know Your Customer Day

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SPOT Customer Fun Facts

At Spot, we’re kind of obsessed with our customers: who their pets are, how their pets are, where their pets are…you get it.

We’re proud to have customers in all 50 states (yes, even Alaska)! And we love that we insure a wide variety of dog and cat breeds.

The breed Spot Pet Insurance insures the most is mixed-breed dogs, followed by the French Bulldog (a breed prone to breathing issues and skin problems). After Frenchies, the next most insured breed is mixed breed cats, followed by the Domestic Shorthair (one of the most common house cats)(2).

We love getting to know our customer base as a whole like this, but we also love knowing our customers on a more individual basis. So, take a look below at what some of our real Spot customers look like.

Get to Know Our Spot Customers…

Orange Cat


Dexter is an 11-year-old therapy cat.  He provides comfort and cuddles to cat-loving clients who visit for Reiki & sound healing sessions. He’s a sweet, introverted, and handsome bundle of pure love.

Black, white, and brown dog


This is Bernie. He’s 10 weeks old in this picture and his favorite activities are sleeping on his back and being as close as possible to his human mom and dad  What a fluffer!

dog insurance customer


Fury is a super-smart performance Border Collie (part of The Super Collies team!). He was diagnosed with seizures last year, but he still loves to run and play and has been doing well since!

Grey cat on bed


Whiskey is a sweet little lady who was adopted in her senior years. This year, she was diagnosed with a little case of asthma, but is managing it well and she’s still cute as can be!

Grey and white dog lying in grass


This is Mack. He’s all about walks and hikes and lakes and rivers. He loves to make new friends (4-legged and 2-legged alike). His favorite game is fetch, and he especially loves tennis balls (although the tennis balls don’t last more than a few throws with him).

Gorgeous, right? We love seeing those customer pics. We also love hearing feedback from our customers.

Here’s what our SPOT customers are saying…

Nancy Roosevelt says I am really impressed with this company

I am really impressed with the speed and thoroughness of this company. I took it out not expecting that I would really need until my cat gets older. Alas I have had to use it for her earlier than expected. I highly recommend it. It is affordable and reliable.

Zoe_MinidoxieinNYC says I can’t stop raving about you

I can’t stop raving about your insurance. As a new parent I did a lot of research prior to signing up with you but even though your reviews were stellar I was still skeptical. I have heard too many horror stories from pet parents on other insurance. I’m thrilled that I signed up with you. I appreciate the fast processing of claims and the ease of use and the fact you offer even an unlimited annual coverage (limit). Excellent customer service too. Thank you!

Geanie Geist says Fantastic insurance

Fantastic insurance! We were reimbursed for our claim within 5 business days. Fast and easy process that is very user friendly. Highly recommend!

Sergei Pokrovsky saya Impressed so far

Very easy claim process and insanely quick claim payout Very impressive, never expected anything like this from an insurance (provider).

Thanks to all of our stellar customers and adorable furry family. You’re helping us support pets in leading happier, healthier lives. Without our dedicated customers, we would not be able to offer pet insurance to pet parents, so thank you!




Table of Contents


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